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Topic: [TROLLING] Re: Microsoft Now on the xHE-AAC Bandwagon! (Read 2392 times) previous topic - next topic
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[TROLLING] Re: Microsoft Now on the xHE-AAC Bandwagon!

You neverknow what that gay Mickeysoft Winblows CEO will do

He already got his ass fistfucked by Linux as they support development for this sissy UNIX rip-off patent violating OS

Steve Ballmer knocks his teeth out when he meets him. Years of Microsoft iron fist management and now that fist ends up in his ASShole...

Making the company one of the biggest faggots in IT...

That happend when gay people take over.
The companies ASS GETS RAPED!

Foobar2000 - It Really Whips ALL Llamas' Ass!