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want to hear something?

So, I was hoping to start using foobar2000 mobile on iOS, but I'm having the oddest problem.

My library looks great: 30000+ tracks, 2500+ albums, VBR, all downloaded to my local fb2k Music Folder.

Replay Gain scanning and tagging.

Album Art shows up, looks great.

Selected music files start playing, position bar and time both advance smoothly, accordingly.

No sound.
Checked the DSP's, the Advanced Settings. They seem fine. Decoding speed test seems to work.
No sound.
Played a podcast using Downcast:  sound.
Changed some ringtones:  sound.
Restarted my iPhone.
FB2K:  no sound.

Please tell me what obvious thing I have forgotten to check. 
Other than the fact that I can't hear anything, I really like this music player.


Re: want to hear something?

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What format are your files? What version of iOS is your phone running?

Re: want to hear something?

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mp3 VBR -V 0

iphone 11 Pro Max is up to date, running iOS 13.6

Thanks for giving it some thought.  I'm sure it's something I've just overlooked.