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  • Yes: Memory based (Rio 800,NW-S4,Nex II,etc.)
    120 (11.6%)
  • Yes: CD based (Iriver,eXpanium, Rio Volt, etc.)
    210 (20.4%)
  • Yes: Hard disk based (iPod, etc.)
    243 (23.6%)
  • Yes: PocketPC etc. (capable for playing)
    25 (2.4%)
  • Yes: Mobile phone based
    14 (1.4%)
  • Yes: 2 (or more) different types.
    65 (6.3%)
  • No: Waiting for one with Ogg Vorbis support
    116 (11.3%)
  • Not yet, But I'm about to get one.
    64 (6.2%)
  • No
    174 (16.9%)

Total Members Voted: 1198

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Do you have a portable
Reply #75
I'm not so convinced with the ipod. I prefer the nice metallic look and features of the zen myself.

  • thijs@rdb
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Do you have a portable
Reply #76
i love my i-bead. firmware can be upgraded.

send them an email about ogg some time ago, but no response yet

  • thijs@rdb
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Do you have a portable
Reply #77
edit: sorry... something went wrong and posted the same message twice...
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Do you have a portable
Reply #78
  Archos Jukebox Multimedia 20Gb 

Only plays mp3 audio files, but also plays divx video and shows jpegs. It works as an external hard disk and doesn't force you to use crappy software with copy protection. It's not perfect, but suits my needs fine and has given me no problems at all. And the next generation Archos units (AV140, AV300 series) look even better.


  • Audible!
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Do you have a portable
Reply #79
JVC XL-PM30 CD-based mp3 player which I bought to replace the Panasonic SL-MP35 I stepped on
It takes literally almost five seconds to change tracks, and the very nice LCD screen died soon after the warranty expired   

Don't buy the JVC! - it's more reminiscent of JVC home audio products than their car decks (not good).

  • Soren
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Do you have a portable
Reply #80
I just got a Panasonic SL-CT700 cd based mp3 player and i'm in love with. Awesome look, great sound, not too expensive and not bad at all battery life !!!   

Now i just deleted all my mpc, starting a collection of mp3 (well i have a strange feeling of walking back  )


Do you have a portable
Reply #81
I have the Silver Creative Nomad Jukebox (6GB)... Never leave home without it
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Do you have a portable
Reply #82
My Jornada died some months ago (fell down, display was broken)... I bought a 15GB IPod (3rd gen.) now, and am happy with it. Using ephpod @ WinXP for uploading songs / contacts.

Regards, fileman.

  • matgorb
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Do you have a portable
Reply #83
got a panasonic cd/mp3 player, just does what i want, play mp3

Do you have a portable
Reply #84
Aside from my RioVolt SP-250 (hacked to use iRiver firmware) and my MpTrip, I also have a Sony MZ-R500 MiniDisc recorder, which I consider somewhat of an MP3 player. Okay, it doesn't play MP3's, but it's lossy-compressed audio nonetheless so I think it counts.

  • krmathis
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Do you have a portable
Reply #85
I got an iPod 40GB.
Very nice player in a small package! I simply love it... 

  • DonP
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Do you have a portable
Reply #86
No longer waiting for an Ogg/Vorbis player.  Got a Neuros.

  • svzurich
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Do you have a portable
Reply #87
Replaced dead Iriver IMP-350 SlimX with the Iriver IMP-550 SlimX.  I love it!  Waiting for Ogg Vorbis (they have it working on the models but are waiting to release the firmwarwe), and hoping another firmware comes along to replace 1.20's stereo/mono radio bug, and its volume bug when using Extreme 3D.  Overall very pleased with the 550!
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Do you have a portable
Reply #88
I have *3* now:

Nex IIe
Sony D-CJ01
Some old NAPA mp3 CD player

All crap apparently.

  • caiman
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Do you have a portable
Reply #89
right now, i have an Jamba U 100 USB Stick (which seems to be a product from ?sigma-tel?) and am quite happy with it.
use it to carry my documents for work (as i´m not in an office, but do visit families and have a lot of paperwork to do), and have to do a documentation of my work with the families it lets me speech-record directly after the meetings onto the stick.
and by the way it has nice mp3 playback. i do my (trans)encodings with Lame@102 kb/s (good quality with 16kHz cutoff, which is enough for the underground and my aiwa earbuds  ), so there´s room for everything. good solution for me (and if my office now please would upgrade their computers, so i can connect6 this drive in any computer  , 'cos right now there´s just 2 station which have usb-connectors. that´s life, when working as an social worker

  • Niwatori
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Do you have a portable
Reply #90
= =" I own SL45i
i think it not bad for me
i encode my CDs to MP3-32Khz (with Lame 3.90.3  Vbr Bitrate 32-190 Kbps )
- -" ( becuase i don't have 128Mb MMC )
it's not bad for me but don't have use it anymore i think i can go with my cd player...  = ="

( a lot of hope it to support Ogg.... anyway i want to buy Ogg,Mpc Player base on CD than.. )

nin nin 
Guitarist with Tinnitus, i wish to hear the pure silent again.

  • milatchi
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Do you have a portable
Reply #91
iPod, and it hasn't let me down yet. I jog, do sit-ups, and a multitude of other exercises every night and the iPod has given me no problems. The iPod is definitely worth the $300.
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Do you have a portable
Reply #92
Geez, this is an old thread!  A lot of new stuff has come out in a year-and-a-half.

Right now, I use my Sony CLIE NZ-90 PDA for portable MP3 playback (CBR-only    ).  But soon I'll be getting a Rio Karma 40GB, unless there will be a better portable solution that can do Vorbis and FLAC playback with at least 40GB of space.

  • sthayashi
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Do you have a portable
Reply #93
I've got a Neuros with the dual backpacks.  Can't say I'm entirely impressed with them, since you can lose all your songs if you sneeze the wrong way.  In retrospect, I probably should have gotten the iRiver iHP-100 or the Rio Karma, but that might just be buyer's remorse.

  • rmoody
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Do you have a portable
Reply #94
My first was a RioVolt, followed by another RioVolt (the black one with the FM receiver).  Next I got a Creative Zen USB 2, didn't like the USB2 sold it on eBay, got a FireWire version.  I recently got a Dell Axim, but as yet have not played any MP3's on it, I only have a 64MB CF card, not large enough to hold enough music to matter (I encode using the ape setting on LAME).  I didn't get the Axim for playing music anyway, that's just a nice side benifit I may take advantage of one day.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

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Do you have a portable
Reply #95
I recently replaced my Palm Tungsten T with a Treo 600 mobile phone.

This thing makes a pretty darned nice MP3 & Ogg player!
It's MUCH louder than the Palm Tungsten was, and does email, phone, pda stuff as well.
It has speaker phone too, so I can unplug the headphones and get crappy transistor quality sound while I'm working.

The only beef I really have with it is that it has a 2.5mm stereo jack so I need to use a converter with my headphones.

Do you have a portable
Reply #96
A 40GB iPod and a couple of Minidisc players including one NetMD player.

I much prefer the iPod because it holds so much music and doubles as a external hard drive (tax deductible!). I love the automatic sync you get with iTunes and I can play back my books with out needing to bypass the encryption, which is what I have to do to play back the .aa files on my minidisc players.

But the battery life on the minidisc players is far longer.


Do you have a portable
Reply #97
I started with Rio 300 (I think that was the model name, black thing, early MP3 player 32Mb, got it from a friend's wife who worked for them )

Now I have an MPIO FL-100, go look in awe at it's silversome beauty, with 256Mb of solid state memory and expandable with SD cards, my wife has bought me a 256Mb SD card and new headphones for Xmas! )

It's great, oh and it plays MP3 (including VBR) and WMA and is flash upgradeable.  There is no sign of AAC support though although their is a rumour that MPIO will introduce this on some of their players.

So if slim, sleak, sexy, solid state pleasure then go to and have a look!


Do you have a portable
Reply #98
For my birthday, I bought myself an iRiver iMP-550 a week ago. Going great so far, no real complaints [other than line out is a bit weak] and eagerly awaiting  Ogg Vorbis support in December

  • novocane
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Do you have a portable
Reply #99
I have a Expanium 201 the sound is good, plays every kind of mp3. the 300 series support also AAC LC but I bought this because it was a lot cheaper and does what I want (lot´s of CD´s in one only). Usually I use LAME -preset standard for my portable.
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