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Problem with foobar2000 mobile on Android

Hello everybody,
I am new here, so please forgive me to post a question here. I did not find appropriate place to ask question.
Maybe someone can move it to better forum.

I prepared my library on Windows PC using mp3tag and copy the files (mp3 and some WMA) to an external memory card on my Galaxy A8 android phone.
I organized the files in a directory structure   .../genre/artist/cd-name/music-file.mp3
Files are tagged with genre, album-artist, track-nr, track-name, ...

Most of it works fine except some albums which can be found undder the album-artist name but show up to have no
genre "(Unknown Genre)".

I checked everything but have no more idea.

Can please help anybody? Any hint is highly appreciated !

Thank you!

Re: Problem with foobar2000 mobile on Android

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Update information:
now I installed foobar2000 on windows and found that when I import the music library from the same source everything is ok.
That means: the respective files have correct genre information.
So the problems seams to be related with the android foobar2000 mobile app.

What more could I test in order to locate the problem?