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MIDI help please

MIDI help please:  I am using Foobar2000 1.4.6 in Windows7 64-bit to play my .mid files.  They do play, but not with the sounds (soundfonts) I want.  HOW do I put SF2 files into Foobar2000?
I have several SF2 banks of instruments but so far I can't figure out how to get FB2K to use them.
In FB2K I have found (at File>Preferences>Advanced>Playback>MIDI Player) where I can Copy/Paste an .SF2 path into "Secret Sauce" and also a VSTi path... and I've tried these several times, but there has been no change.
Please, how do I get my .sf2 files into Foobar2000?  Thanks!!

Re: MIDI help please

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Use Preferences | Playback | Decoding | MIDI Player

Re: MIDI help please

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Please do not paste SF2 paths into the Advanced Preferences fields. Secret Sauce is for the location of a certain Roland plugin, VSTi path is for VST instruments.

To configure SoundFonts for foo_midi, you need to open its main preferences page, select BASSMIDI as the output driver, then click on the SoundFont path control, to either set a SoundFont List, or a single SoundFont bank.


Re: MIDI help please

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Thanks so much to you and grimes.  I did as you both said and now am listening to my MIDIs and really enjoying the sound!
Thanks again!

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