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File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

About this very useful component:

Hello Peter,

thank you for this useful component.

Would it be possible to make all the colums sortable ?

In a situation, like in the screenshot, it would be very easy/quickly possible to jump to the one file which has problems.

=> Sort for STATUS or WARNING and jump with keyboard shortcut to the end (or begin) of the list to immediately see the file with problem.

Now, we have to search/scroll/browse a long time to find that one single problem file.

Thank you.

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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Since 1.5 beta 10 only one CPU core/thread is used (in beta 9 all 4 cores / 8 threads).


Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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All feedback noted.

Beta 10 bug breaking Verifier acknowledged and fixed for beta 11, thanks for reporting.

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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All threads are used again in version 1.3 beta 1.
Sortable columns are working well (nice feature).
Ctrl+A bug seems to be fixed (I never noticed that before).

Maybe one small cosmetic remark:
Everytime the Verify dialogue is open, the dialogue and column widths are reset to their initial value (even if I adjust them before), producing a horizontal slider for only a small area (see fuffi's screenshot with Ctrl+A bug). So a higher value for default dialogue width would be nice (or remembering the adjustments).

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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1.3 beta 2 works perfectly. Thank you!

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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@Peter  with the fixes un beta 11 can we no go back to using the stable version or will 1.3 go official soon

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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New results view, with sorting.
Fixed Ctrl+A glitch.
Thank you, its working great now!

 I had a keyboard-shortcut set to CTRL+A (Global NO, Type MAIN) bound to EDIT -> SELECT ALL and the glitch still occured until I removed that shortcut.
Dunno, why I had this shortcut in the first place, because this function seems to be f2k internal (maybe it was not back in the days....).

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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That doesn't seem fair. I've been hoping the Converter Setup would remember column sizes for at least 40 years now :)

As much as I love fb2k, some days resizing the columns does make me feel a little suicidal. ;)

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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Another pre-xmas-wish, which I almost forgot about:

Filenames! Can we please have an additional column for the filename?
(and %__tagtype% would also be very useful)

That would make it more easy to quickly see, which fileformates are broken. Now, we only have the Name column, but, as you see in the screenshot, they show the same contents. Imagine a list with > 3 of the same names...

I use to convert files to other formats and for some cases, they have problems.
ATM, its not possible to get an quick overview which files are problematic.
The filename would indicate the extension and then I would know "the source".

Thank you.

As much as I love fb2k, some days resizing the columns does make me feel a little suicidal. ;)
Yeah, thats true ;-)
There are some places, where the user has to *always[tm]* resize columns,
*but* it (now) works in converter setup, as is works here, in the foo_verifier component. Thumbs up!!

There is a feature whish in the "feature wish thread", which shows a nice animated gif to explain the pain of resizing ;-))

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