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File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

About this very useful component:

Hello Peter,

thank you for this useful component.

Would it be possible to make all the colums sortable ?

In a situation, like in the screenshot, it would be very easy/quickly possible to jump to the one file which has problems.

=> Sort for STATUS or WARNING and jump with keyboard shortcut to the end (or begin) of the list to immediately see the file with problem.

Now, we have to search/scroll/browse a long time to find that one single problem file.

Thank you.

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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Another glitch, mabe somebody can try to reproduce this?

When focused on a playlist (CUI) and pressing CRTL+A to select all files in that playlist,
all files in the open verifier-window are selected.. thats odd.


Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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Since 1.5 beta 10 only one CPU core/thread is used (in beta 9 all 4 cores / 8 threads).

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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All feedback noted.

Beta 10 bug breaking Verifier acknowledged and fixed for beta 11, thanks for reporting.

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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All threads are used again in version 1.3 beta 1.
Sortable columns are working well (nice feature).
Ctrl+A bug seems to be fixed (I never noticed that before).

Maybe one small cosmetic remark:
Everytime the Verify dialogue is open, the dialogue and column widths are reset to their initial value (even if I adjust them before), producing a horizontal slider for only a small area (see fuffi's screenshot with Ctrl+A bug). So a higher value for default dialogue width would be nice (or remembering the adjustments).

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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1.3 beta 2 works perfectly. Thank you!

Re: File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier)

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@Peter  with the fixes un beta 11 can we no go back to using the stable version or will 1.3 go official soon

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