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about replay gain


i adjust the replay gain quite often manually, when i notice the recording is too low or too high.

also i noticed on the right click on the tracks in playlist down below there is a replaygain with some options, but i dont know how to use that (they dont work for me)

one of them says ''remove replain gain from files'' (which is greyed)

since the info is or it can be on files, i shouldn't have to manually adjust them every single time
the problem is that my foobar dont adust itself the replain gain when it goes to next track, by the info on that file

someone can help me with this replain gain issue in foobar?  thank you so much

i use foobar a lot daily

Re: about replay gain

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How are you "manually" adjusting ReplayGain?  I simply load an album into foobar2000, select all, and right-click to ReplayGain > "Scan as single album".  You can also load multiple albums and select "Scan... (by tags)".  foobar2000 will write album and track gain tags to your files.

If your tracks do not have RG tags, then I imagine the option to remove tags will be grayed out.  Maybe also the case if the tracks are write-protected.  Anyway, if you're sold on RG there's never a reason to remove the tags.  Just write new ones if you need.

In Preferences > Playback, set RG to "Album" or "Track" depending on whether you are playing albums at a time or a playlist of mixed tracks.  I also select "Apply gain but avoid clipping".  Almost all of my playback is done via Logitech Media Center which has an RG setting called "Smart Gain".  SG is "smart" enough to know whether your playlist is an entire album or a mix of tracks and automatically apply the appropriate RG value.

Re: about replay gain

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thank you for your reply

since replay gain does nothing for me, i was confusing replay gain with preamp

i manually adjust the preamp like i wrote in the first post, not the replay gain. sorry for misunderstanding on my part

preferences --> playback . window


Re: about replay gain

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Then on the same preferences page adjust ReplayGain source mode to 'track' and Processing to 'apply gain'. If you don't turn RG on, of course it won't work.

And you aren't supposed to touch the gains (maybe more than once) manually. Make sure to also scan your tracks with RG so it can do its thing.

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