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Album Art Viewer - Embedded JPEG Trumps External PNG

Hi guys,

When organizing my music collection I tend to embed a lower resolution jpeg cover art in the audio files and keep a larger png cover art in the folder. By default my foobar2000 configuration for the album art viewer is set to display whichever is larger. Today I noticed that what was actually being displayed was the embedded image (there was some noticeable quality difference which allowed me to notice that). So I thought I'd go to the settings and choose the Prefer External option to kind of force it load the cover.png image in the folder instead. What actually happened was that the embedded image was still being shown. Then I thought it might be a file format issue, so I decided to save the cover.png in the folder as a jpeg file and indeed, foobar2000 now displays the folder image, not the embedded file. This clearly leads to the conclusion that even if the option to load the external file is selected, the embedded is still preferred if the embedded is jpeg and the external is png. Not sure if this is a bug or by design. Hopefully it's the first and it can be fixed, as I'd hate to re-compress all my external PNGs to JPEGs (I know more often than not I wouldn't even notice the difference considering the size of the album art viewer in my setup but that's not the point). Also please correct me if I'm doing something wrong but I don't believe that's the case. I'm using v1.4.4.

Thanks for you help.

Re: Album Art Viewer - Embedded JPEG Trumps External PNG

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Default external album art search patterns don't include PNG extension. Add cover.png above cover.jpg at Album art search patterns found at Preferences -> Display.

Re: Album Art Viewer - Embedded JPEG Trumps External PNG

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Damn, I had completely forgotten about this. Easy fix, thank you so much.

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