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Android - see white icon image in library

On Android FB2K, some items don't have images as album art and are grey items, and that's either because they have no art, or they're badly tagged. However, some have white icons and even after re-tagging in desktop FB2K they don't show up. Any ideas?

AFAIK the files are just MP3 and AAC out of FB2K Desktop (LAME and  Nero encoder).

Any ideas. Apologies if I missed something documented.

Re: Android - see white icon image in library

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Please try:
Tools / Advanced settings
Clear image cache

The cache might still hold "resource file had no valid image" records for your files; clearing it will sort it out.

Re: Android - see white icon image in library

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If you're using .foobar2000_1.1.43-444, I've had exactly the same issue with flac files.  flac library has 500 albums (almost 10000 tracks) on a 512 Gig MicroSD external drive.  I thought maybe compatibility issues with larger drives at first, but seeing the OPs post above, must be something else at play here. 

If this is so, I suggest to OP to roll back to previous version until they come out with the next update.
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Re: Android - see white icon image in library

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For those white icons, the one thing I noted was the JPGs I used for them were created a while back in a Mac app called Acorn. I recreated them in The GIMP and reapplied them in FB2K Windesktop and they're now fine in the mobile app.

The downside is that I've had 3 possible fixes there:
-The JPG format I saved in is somehow bad with FB2KMobile
-Re-applying the JPG in FB2K fixed it
-The aforementioned cache

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