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flac Image File Using EAC Without Tags.

Hi all, here is a little background. I was never very good at all of this and I getting older now but years ago I used REACT  to archive my CD's to Single Image flac files.  I ended up with 4 files flac, cue, log and jpg.  Plus the cue was embedded into the flac image file.
This is from the log file:  Additional command line options : REACT %o %s %d "%a" "%g" "%t" "%n" "%x" "%y" "%m" "%e" "%f" "%b" %r

Fast forward wanted to single image a few new CD's again. By the way running Windows 10 on a PC.
Load EAC and go through the step to config everything, also have foobar2000 loaded.

Well I proceed to - Copy Image & Create CUE Sheet .   A flac, cue and log file was created.
When the flac was copied into foobar it was displayed as 1 large file but if I copied over the cue file it displayed the album content as it should and the same as my old flacs does. 

I start playing around with the additional command line until it didn't even compress, Haha  :))  I didn't know what I was doing.  I unchecked all ID3 in External Compression and ID3 Tag section. Rerun EAC still not right.
I was almost ready to just do tracks because of less problems and EAC seems to be setup more for tracks but I kept searching.

So after many many searches I was able to figure out that EAC loaded some tags to the flac image file that flac don't like then I figured out (after more searches here, thanks guys) I could use foobar to delete the tags and load and embed the external cue into the image flac,
Now everything seems to be displaying and playing right in foobar. :)  So at least I did make it work using foobar so I not completely lost now so thank you guys for the post that I have read to get this far.

I believe REACT is a thing of the pass. So is there a way I should be configuring EAC to get this done right the first time around without going through foobar?  Thanks

Re: flac Image File Using EAC Without Tags.

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You didn't state what versions of EAC and FLAC you're using so I'll assume you updated to the most recent. If you're using EAC 1.0b1 or earlier, the following isn't going to work.

Check your settings against the configuration section of
for the 'Additional command line options' try
Code: [Select]
--tag-from-file=CUESHEET="%albumartist% - %albumtitle%.cue" %hascover%--picture="%coverfile%"%hascover% %source%
'Test encoder' will return an error because the cue file won't exist until you start the extraction.

On the 'ID3 Tag' tab, make sure 'Write cover image into extraction folder' is checked and the naming scheme is set to
Code: [Select]
%albumartist% - %albumtitle%

When you run 'Copy Image & Create CUE Sheet' the flac should contain an embedded cuesheet tag and front cover (if a cover existed). A separate cue file will still be created and a jpg (if a cover existed).

Re: flac Image File Using EAC Without Tags.

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Thanks korth, it worked like a champ in foobar2000.
The one thing I notice though in MP3tag which I just downloaded yesterday so I'm no expert but when I look at the flac file that I just make with your setting I only see the jpeg.
My old flac shows Artist, Album, Year, Genre and Comment (EAC 0.99b3/REACT2ss,2009-01-03).

Like I said, working correctly in foobar so thanks for that but now I wonder way I can't see it in MP3tag.
 And yes everything is the latest and greatest versions,

Re: flac Image File Using EAC Without Tags.

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flac Image File Using EAC Without Tags
Well that 'Additional command line options' string only adds the CUESHEET tag and coverart. If you select View > Extended Tags you'll see the CUESHEET tag.

You can add any other tags you wish but foobar2000 will give the added tags priority for the entire album and ignore similar information in the cuesheet tag for each track. I wouldn't add the Artist tag for this reason. AlbumArtist* maybe.
Leave a space between commands:
-T "ALBUM=%albumtitle%"
-T "DATE=%year%"
-T "GENRE=%genre%"
-T "COMMENT=%comment%"
-T "ALBUMARTIST=%albumartist%"
so if you add all of these
Code: [Select]
-T "ALBUM=%albumtitle%" -T "DATE=%year%" -T "GENRE=%genre%" -T "COMMENT=%comment%" -T "ALBUMARTIST=%albumartist%" --tag-from-file=CUESHEET="%albumartist% - %albumtitle%.cue" %hascover%--picture="%coverfile%"%hascover% %source%
The comment tag is set using the 'Compression Options > Comment' tab or you can remove %comment% and add custom text.

* The foobar2000 Encouraged Tag Standards discourage writing the ALBUMARTIST tag except when all the track artist values aren't equal. When you setup EAC for FLAC using the wizard, it uses
Code: [Select]
-T "ALBUMARTIST=%albuminterpret%"
%albumartist% = CD Artist in the main EAC window
%albuminterpret% = CD Performer in the main EAC window
Using %albuminterpret% gives you the control to add the ALBUMARTIST tag only when you add a string to the CD Performer box.

Edit: removed an extra 'space' from the ALBUMARTIST tag

Re: flac Image File Using EAC Without Tags.

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Hey korth, sorry for late reply but I just wanted to thank you for your help. It all worked out.
For the file name I use  (--) instead of (-) and that was a bit of a puzzle but with some trail and error I got it figured out.
So I was just wondering what became of REACT and flacattack?

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