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Need data string for library stats...


Im working on a new colums UI skin but im searching for a data string that checks my music database like this:

Total artists, total albums and total songs.

It would be great if someone could share this code  :)





Re: Need data string for library stats...

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You need specify a bit more where you want to view those totals in. Using columns UI there are various ways to show totals. The most straight forward would be using the columns ui filter component. El playlist can group and display subtotals in a header (total albums of artist for example) but Elplaylist isn't a beginners option since it requiers scripting work. Facets is another option but you'll be needing foo_popup for that since you're on columns ui. Library Tree (foo_uie_library_tree) can show totals as well in the form of subtotal count next to a view node.

Re: Need data string for library stats...

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Hi jazzthieve and thanks for a quick answer!  :)

Sry for my little info in first post, heres more...

First of all, I request a java script in a square like this:

Tot Artists: xxx
Tot Albums: xxx
Total Songs: xxx

Ive tried out columns ui filter component & Facets but I did not like the layout etc.

I know a about Library Tree (foo_uie_library_tree) but I cant manage to reproduce subtotal count next to a view node. Tried the most in panel properties and my music files is correct added to database. I must be blind lol. Any solution?

Also I know a little of Elplaylist because its in my new skin but I dont know how to script (yet) just cut and paste and work the mess up from there. So do you know a script to share or option to display subtotals in a header via Elplaylist?

Thanks for helping me out!



Re: Need data string for library stats...

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Javascript? So you're using jscript panel then or the newer spidermonkey panel? Can't help you much with that, don't know javascript.

Library Tree, right click and select panel preferences and show sub-item counts will show totals in brackets for each node.

Elplaylist: if you're unfamiliar with scripting I wouldn't advise using Elplaylist because there wouldn't be much you could do with it. It's useless for me to give you mine because it's fully adapted to my own use. You could adapt it but as I mentioned before without some scripting knowledge you won't be able to do much with it.

I'd say using library tree seems to be your best bet. Also, something I forgot to ask, when you talk about totals what do you mean by that? The amount of files or the amount of plays? The suggestions I made were about showing the amount of files, not plays.

Re: Need data string for library stats...

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Well not necessarily javascript, any type of of premade script or plugins works for me (If I can figure them out so to speak)

With totals I mean the amount of files in each category.

I have Elplaylist installed with borrowed code and I have adapted it to my skin as good as I can but I have no code with totals in it...on the other side, without having any major scripting knowledge I rest my case...for a while  ;)

Thanks for the Library Tree tip I will try that out right away!

Re: Need data string for library stats...

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I just tried your Library Tree tip but I could only get it to show total albums for each artist.

Is there any way to show total library albums somewhere in Library Tree panel?

Re: Need data string for library stats...

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Set your view format to %album% (or whatever extra album information you want to add) and set your filter to %album% PRESENT.

Re: Need data string for library stats...

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Ok I tried this two ways:

First I did a cleanup in my Library Tree  panel.

Setup 1:

View format to %album% and and changed my filter to %album% PRESENT.

Closed panel and picked the my edited row in "filters" scrollbar.

Outcome:  Albums and tot songs to the right. 

Setup 2:

View format to %artist% and and changed my filter to %album% PRESENT.

Outcome: Artist and total albums to the right.

Maby Im not doing this right or maby I have not been giving you the right information again lol.

My wish is to have it to show 1 total sum of all my library albums and not for each artist.

Thanks for having patience with  :-[

Re: Need data string for library stats...

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Setup 1 gives you the total amount of albums next to the node as long as %album% tag field is filled in.  No idea how you get to see total songs instead of total albums as nowhere in the view mode does it define anything that relates to a single track. So either your explanation of setup 1 is wrong or you didn't do as I advised. The %album% view format and %album% PRESENT filter gives me exactly the amount of albums when I test it. %album% view format simply groups all %album% together, unless you made something like %album% %title% or %album% %filename%, something that would group according to a smaller element (relating to an individual file) you won't be seeing a count that relates to amount of total songs.

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