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Mono equivalent to dm-preset switches?
just curious if Dibrom could recommend a mono equivalent to your dm-preset switches/command lines?

occasionally, i have to encode from a mono source, and have often wondered what the optimal command line/options would be.


p.s. looking forward to trying out your latest tweaks to the dm-presets.

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Mono equivalent to dm-preset switches?
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Hrmm.. I think that --dm-preset standard -mm would probably work ok.  I would think that since it is mono material that the bitrate would scale downward to more appropriately encode this material.  You might wish to look at ff123's and Hans' recommend line for 128kbps ABR though instead depending on the quality of the mono source.  I will be including their line into my upcoming presets as well, so you could just use that when it comes around if it would be appropriate.

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Mono equivalent to dm-preset switches?
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Probably the safest thing is to always choose one channel rather than mixing, to cover those "close-to-mono" cases, where mixing is bad.  Is there a lame switch to do that?