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Exact Audio Copy: Local Database: Red X's

I'm trying to export the Local Database from Exact Audio Copy (EAC). I used the command:
Menu > Database > Export Whole Database To > DB Text File...
I found that the export file did not have all my discs.
I opened the Local Database browser using this command:
Menu > Database > Browse Database...
I found all my ripped discs there, but many have a little red X on the icon. Those are the ones that did not export.
What is going on that EAC decides some discs in the database get X'd and are not available for export?
I'm using EAC V1.3 from 2. September 2016.

Re: Exact Audio Copy: Local Database: Red X's

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Do you have "Construction of database export lines" on
EAC > Metadata Options... > Export (tab)
configured to write the data the way you're expecting?
Default is
which only shows 'Track Artists' and no 'CD Title'.

Re: Exact Audio Copy: Local Database: Red X's

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Thank you for your responses. I think my problem is that I started ripping my CD collection in basically alphabetical order. When I looked at the database export file, I guess I made the faulty assumption  ::) that the export was in alphabetical order (which I later figured out is not the case). Thus, when some CDs were not in their alphabetical location, I assumed they were not in the file. Prior to reading your post, I started using this as my "Construction of database export lines:"

  • %albumartist%¬%albumtitle%¬%tracknr%¬%title%¬%tracklen%¬%artist%

My text editor has a sort function. When I sort lines from that export line format, I see all my CDs.
Thanks again!

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