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Re: WASAPI shared output (foo_out_wasapis)

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Hi, Case. Is it possible to compile foo_out_wasapis 0.6.18 for foobar2000 1.4x-1.6x? I have a foobar2000 1.6.16 installation, and 0.6.16 (for foobar2000 1.4x) has a bug: it does not stop playback after the last track in the playlist. 0.6.18 (for foobar2000 2.0x) has fixed this issue, but cannot be used with foobar2000 1.6.16.

Re: WASAPI shared output (foo_out_wasapis)

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Hi @Compact Dick. It's been a long time since I last heard of you.
I compiled the 0.6.18 version with the latest SDK in foobar2000 v1.6 compatible mode and uploaded it to the official repository.

Re: WASAPI shared output (foo_out_wasapis)

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Thank you so much, @Case — 0.6.18 works perfectly fine with 1.6.16. I am most grateful.

Yes, it has been a while since I was last active, but I still lurk when possible. How much has changed since the frenzied days of the 2000s.

Glad to chat with you again after all this time. Thanks for all the wonderful work you and the rest do for us. When time permits, I'll drop into the IRC channel. Cheers! 👍