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At what point can you not tell one from the other?
i can't tell 192/224 from 256 and mp3 320

Can someone please help.
I'm making a discography and need a base value to convert to after ripping to m4a
It seems 256 is the answer but im looking for another viable option like 224
if anyone can compare the 224 to 256 and 224 to mp3 320 it would be a lifesaver

m4a aac 256kbps
m4a aac 224kbps >> mp3 320
m4a aac 192kbps

Re: VS

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I believe you are chasing down the wrong path.

The salient point is at what setting does the lossy version of a track become noticeable [to your ears] compared to the original lossless file.

Your ABX comparison should be lossless VS the various levels of your choice of lossy codec.

Re: VS

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What is said above by tpijag pretty much sums it up.

but with that said... your using very high bit rates which are overkill if you ask me which is why you can't really notice it because even at 192kbps I think that's pretty much the very high end of what just about anyone would consider using besides those paranoid types  of people who end up using quite a bit more bit rate than they actually need.

but to give you some advice.... start off at 96kbps and, if needed, work your way up. like....96/128/160/192.

I suggest 96kbps, or if you want to play it a bit safer on sound quality go with 128kbps. I don't see much point in using higher than 128kbps especially when your on the go to where listening conditions won't be optimal and makes it less likely you will notice any flaws in the encoded music. those who don't want to gamble much at all on sound quality I suggest 160kbps. but given what I have read around these forums it seems beyond 160kbps is pretty much a waste of space.
For music I suggest (using Foobar2000)... MP3 (LAME) @ V5 (130kbps). NOTE: using on AGPTEK-U3 as of Mar 18th 2021. I use 'fatsort' (on Linux) so MP3's are listed in proper order on AGPTEK-U3.