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Checking for updates

Edit: I probably should have posted this in the Support forum, but I'm easily confused. I couldn't work out how to delete this thread and start again, so if a mod cares to move it....

It might be a Windows XP thing, but I thought I'd ask.
When I checked for component updates with version 1.3.17, it found some and offered to install them. For version 1.4, the following error message appears.

Could not check for updates: Network authentication error (80090328)

Checking for a new foobar2000 version with 1.3.17 opens a browser window/tab here:
I'm pretty sure 1.4 has only offered the following message since the first beta and it failed to report the release of the stable version.

No new version available at this time.

As I have 1.3.17 installed as a portable version, I did the same for 1.4 to confirm it still behaved the same way, which it did.


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