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Looking for help (Am New)

 An error occurred while writing to file (The encoder has terminated prematurely with code 2 (0x00000002); please re-check parameters)

I've been attempting to convert my flac file to AAC (Apple) using qaac on and the free encoder pack on foobar but it isn't working.
I'm almost certain it's me doing something incorrectly. I've tried downloaded itunes and as mentioned the encoder pack and qaac file but they don't register properly. It selects the folder instead of individual file idk if that's whats supposed to happen or not but well you know.

If anybody could send through exactly what I need to achieve the conversion that'd be lovely.
Any further advice would be greatly appreciated, a walk through would be savior !!

If it's easier I've heard fdk is good too, so if you know how to do either of the two don't hesitate in sharing info.

Re: Looking for help (Am New)

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The qaac frontend requires Apple's dlls. You don't say if you installed iTunes too or just downloaded it. It needs to be installed for the required dlls to be usable. And it has to be the classic iTunes downloaded from Apple's site - the new Windows 10 Store version can't be used for this.

Alternatively you can install 7-Zip and use makeportable script to extract the required dlls from the iTunes installer. Extract the script to the same directory where the iTunes installer is located and run it. When it runs properly it will write QTfiles and QTfiles64 directories that contain the needed dll files. You can copy or move the QTfiles directory inside the directory where Free Encoder Pack was installed and encoding will work.


Re: Looking for help (Am New)

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It's people like you that make the world go round.
All I had to do was extract the QT files to the encoder directory.

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