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Fake 24-bit FLAC?

So I have a 16-bit FLAC audio file of a song and also a 24-bit version. However, I don't know whether the 24-bit FLAC is legit since when opening in Spek, the spectrogram is different. I know the 16-bit is a legitimate FLAC file but unsure about the 24-bit one. I also don't know much about audio I will admit and I'm sure I can't tell audio differences between the 2 but since I had access to 24-bit, was curious.

Size: 32.4 MB
Bit Rate: 921 kbps

Size: 54.8 MB
Bit Rate:  1601 kbps

16-bit SPEK:

24-bit SPEK:

Re: Fake 24-bit FLAC?

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The 16 bit one clearly has noise shaped dithering filling out the high frequency range.

Re: Fake 24-bit FLAC?

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What's the source of the 24 bit song?

That looks like it's lossy mastered which is legit.

Re: Fake 24-bit FLAC?

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MQA is known to use filtering and hi-frequency noise, so it only confirms my assumption that it's legit regarding to encoding used.

Btw. it's actually lossy.

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