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Sorting albums by date on iPod

I'm very much a noob with foobar, having decided to stop converting all my flac downloads to something that iTunes can use. Apart from the various issues that I have with getting the interface to show me what I want in the way I want my biggest issue with this change is that I am stuck with having all my albums appear in alphabetical order when on my iPod.

As I previously used the 'sort album' field in iTunes to display content by session/recording date I had hoped to use that same field in Foobar to achieve the same aesthetic, but this issue is driving me nuts.

I have tried using the 'Date' field but that hasn't helped and now hope that registering here and asking for assistance will find someone that can help me get this sorted out.

Re: Sorting albums by date on iPod

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You need to create a new column:

$if2(%albumsortorder%,[$swapprefix(%artist%)[ - %date%]])
Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?

Re: Sorting albums by date on iPod

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Thanks for the reply.

I created a new column, 'albumsortorder' and then in scripts>sort added the line of code supplied to no seeming effect. I assume I'm doing something wrong though.

As mentioned - very much a noob with Foobar and thus the interface and scripting.

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