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foobar2000 v1.4 beta 17 release notes

Since there have been requests for more detailed change logs, I'm posting all the details that just don't fit in the general change log.

What happened to beta 16
The Microsoft Store build was labelled beta 16. It is still there at the time I'm writing this.

  • Removed ReplaceFile() API use (introduced in earlier 1.4 series) due to error codes that do not let us retry-loop on file-in-use ( symptoms )
  • Improved visual feedback of button-in-editbox control, used in various parts of the app.
  • Default UI status bar segment width tweaks ( discussion ).
  • Worked around Preferences / DSP page crashes due to certain DSP component using broken modal dialogs - allowing the Preferences dialog to be closed while a DSP configuration dialog is still active.
  • Added probing of apparent MP3 streams in Matroska files to detect MP2 disguised as MP3. Note that we already do this for MP4, where many other apps incorrectly report audio codec as MP3 when the actual data is MP2.
  • Content Group metadata mapping fixes ( details )
  • In Default UI playlist, cursor-follows-playback now results in view centering on the newly focused track, if it's not visible before.
  • Skip Silence DSP bug fixes ( details )
  • Made possible to reorder decoder priority list via context menu.
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