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What defines a stable release?

Just curious because weare now on beta 13 what defines a stable release and how many more test builds are planned?


Re: What defines a stable release?

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There will be a 'stable' when I feel that it is mature enough.

Version 1.3.17 was pretty solid. I'd rather have people stick with it until I'm confident that v1.4 series can replace it. The changes are pretty big and replace code that had been untouched for years. For an example, HTTPS and proxy server handling was heavily reworked and it appears that the new version still does not work properly for some.

I do not want to push a new 'stable' every day hotfixing newly reported usage-ruining issues that were missed during the beta cycle.

Re: What defines a stable release?

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Oh yeah absolutely I enjoy using 1.4 beta and find it much improved I am a software tester by trade so I am used to it I am just excited for a official 1,4

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