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Re: foobar2000 for mac

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foobar on mac has been a dream of fine since forever. I currently run it on wine but this is honestly not that far away from replacing it. Thanks a LOT for developing it. My biggest request would be album art displayed next to the tracks, but really I think we have a consensus here, I agree with every other petition on this page - now playing / seekbar panel, shuffle, custom fields, and keyboard shortcuts would each dramatically improve the player and place it among the top for the OS. Again thanks a lot of keeping the dream alive.


Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Thanks for the new version!

I definetely like the decision to put playback controls and title Information inside a bottom bar. That is what mac users expect and not the socalled customizability that Windows user like. The development of a mac Version offers the opportunity to go another way. Would be nice to see all playback related stuff being placed in bottom bar: album art of playing track, playback related commands and so on.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Just wanted to thank Peter for version 2.1.27

I know this is only being done in your spare time, but its finally starting to come together!  I'm so happy that random play finally works as it should!  *puts quod libet on the back burner and brings foobar forward*  Only thing I want to see is to find a way to call album art....worked hard to get all that set up.  Foobar can see that there's art in the folder or in the file, but won't display it.
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