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Re: foobar2000 for mac

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foobar on mac has been a dream of fine since forever. I currently run it on wine but this is honestly not that far away from replacing it. Thanks a LOT for developing it. My biggest request would be album art displayed next to the tracks, but really I think we have a consensus here, I agree with every other petition on this page - now playing / seekbar panel, shuffle, custom fields, and keyboard shortcuts would each dramatically improve the player and place it among the top for the OS. Again thanks a lot of keeping the dream alive.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Thanks for the new version!

I definetely like the decision to put playback controls and title Information inside a bottom bar. That is what mac users expect and not the socalled customizability that Windows user like. The development of a mac Version offers the opportunity to go another way. Would be nice to see all playback related stuff being placed in bottom bar: album art of playing track, playback related commands and so on.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Just wanted to thank Peter for version 2.1.27

I know this is only being done in your spare time, but its finally starting to come together!  I'm so happy that random play finally works as it should!  *puts quod libet on the back burner and brings foobar forward*  Only thing I want to see is to find a way to call album art....worked hard to get all that set up.  Foobar can see that there's art in the folder or in the file, but won't display it.
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Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Some requests for meaningful features for the new bottom bar:

1. double click on bottom bar shows playing track in playlist (similar behaviour like status bar in windows version of fb2k)
2. right click opens context menu for playing track
3. small album art left to the track information.
4. some kind of volume control (in windows i liked the volumebar-pop-up)
5. icons for "random" and "stop"
6. If the queue functionality will be implemented: use a popup-window like in itunes to show queued tracks

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Hi great work, happy I don't have to mess with Wine anymore and can now use foobar at work.

Does this app also work with the Last.FM scrobbler for Mac?

Hope soon there will be some library addition, makes it easier in use.


Re: foobar2000 for mac

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I have one question. If in replaygain "by plaback order" is choosen as source, i assume that "Default order" and "Repeat playlist" forces album gain and all other playback orders are using track gain. Am i correct?

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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I get an error (in console: Failed to process dialog results: Object not found) when I try to add a streaming radio ( through File -> Add location...

It works if I download the m3u with a browser and drag it on the app.

Version 2.1.27 (3) on macOS Version 10.13.6.


Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Hey Peter,

You might remember me from way back in the Winamp3 days. I use a Mac these days and I was just saying how much I miss foobar2000 (or indeed any player which has crossfeed and doesn't charge a monthly subscription...) when I found this beta - it's great!

Volume control would be good. That's about the only thing I'm missing to be honest.



Re: foobar2000 for mac

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thank you for your work. few things i miss in mac version

-starting playback with enter (instead of double click)
-enqueue as default action when i double click music file in finder
-restore column setup on next program launch, custom columns (i need genre)
-fadeout on stop/pause
-customizing output device

also, it would be good if windows version saved m3u8 files with forward slashes (/) inside

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Woah. It's so "Mac" it doesn't even have a Stop button (although it has the option in the menu).
*shuffles back to Parallels*

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Thank you so much for the continuing development of foobar for mac!

three request/suggestions:
- Playlist search
- follow (or jump to) cursor during playback
- cover art support

thanks agian

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Hi, is there any option to choose the layout? It seems the Mac version doesn't show album covers.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Major update out. I'm glad so many of you people find it useful. New features will be added on regular basis. Playlist search and cover art viewing will be definitely added at some point.

Version 2.1.35 adds volume control, output device switching and UPnP MediaRenderer streaming capability based on foo_out_upnp from Windows version.

Edit: Now at 2.1.36, various 2.1.35 bugs plaguing new features have been fixed.
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Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Hi Peter,

I'm glad to read that a search function and album art are in the works. Thanks.

The new updates, volume and output switcher, work great on my mac. However, I can't find the UPnP function.



Re: foobar2000 for mac

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The UPnP renderer feature works the same way as in Windows version.
UPnP renderers found on your network are listed among output devices.

Not to be confused with UPnP media server browsing, which is currently not supported but will probably be added at some point.
We are the bork. Your software bugs will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Great, thanks for the new version! Output to Chromecast Audio worked directly with my Macbook Pro (Mojave 10.14.3). I cross my fingers for "UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Server, Control Point" as well so I can play music from my NAS folders. Then I can quit using Parallels with my Macbook.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Hello, I can't seem to be able to successfully open & play .cue files in this nice little player. Is it a planned feature for the future addition?

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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It is still quite strange for me to have the preferences settings in the playlist switcher. Couldn't they be added to the playback control pane because they are playback related.

In macUI you have those icons with popup-windows that have an arrow pointing to the icons and that hold even complex ui (even tabs and search fields) inside of it. I don't know the name of these ui-element: See the screenshot of numbers app as example.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Hi, it works well with voiceover.
I have a playlist ot .m3u streams that it will not play.
Its starts processing them, but them it just stops.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Great to see Foobar on Mac.

The current interface takes some getting used to though.

How do you add to the media library? By adding a Location or Folder?

Also, is there a Album List left pane and a Library Viewer Selection to be able to sort by album? Otherwise all media in a folder is just listed in one big list.

Can you play DSF files as is or do you require a plugin to be installed like in the PC version?


Re: foobar2000 for mac

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The current interface takes some getting used to though.
Coming from VLC and having never used foobar before this macOS, UI seems pretty straight-forward
How do you add to the media library? By adding a Location or Folder?
I just clicked "Default Playlist" and dragged my FLAC folder into the window.
It took quite a while to load (about 200 GB), but that may have been provoked by
 having selected (album) with (apply gain & prevent clipping) in ReplayGain preferences

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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foobar2000 occasionally hesitates for up to 2 seconds on a High Sierra iMac
while playing flac from a smbfs 1000baseT network SSD with no other activity.
That SSD is attached to a router by USB 3.0.

Running commands like this from that iMac provokes considerable pauses in foobar2000 play:
Code: [Select]
$ time cat /Volumes/USB1TB/FLAC/Tom\ Petty/Wildflowers/01\ Wildflowers.flac >> /dev/null

real 0m9.764s
user 0m0.001s
sys 0m0.030s

Running a similar command while VLC plays from the same drive provokes no such hesitation;
VLC presumably employs more buffering.. but it does not implement ReplayGain.

How problematic is foobar2000 buffering in macOS?

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Just discovered foobar for Mac.  I tried it after reading that Ted Smith of PS Audio favors it.  I’ve got to say, it’s pretty terrific with the classical and jazz that I play.  Music through foobar sounds like itself, not some processed version.  Nice job, and I’m looking forward to continued enhancements.  Thanks, Peter!

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Dear Peter!

First of all, thanks a lot for developing Foobar on Mac. Foobar was my favorite audio player for years since I changed to Mac and there is still no alternative, which fits all my needs.

I just wanted to ask for two things to add. The most important feature I'm still missing, is the integration of the folder structure of my music folder, as I had this on PC. It allows me to navigate through my music without changing between foobar and finder, that's very comfortable. Without it I can't really use Foobar, because it doesn't make sense for me to add all my music in one playlist.

The second point is just the colour theme of foobar. I'm not using the dark mode in Mac OS, so I have to deal with the white theme of foobar in the normal mode of Mac OS. But the white theme isn't very comfortable, so I would be really happy, if I would have an option to change the colour of foobar. The dark blue of the PC version was really nice for example.

Thanks a lot for the good work and keep going on!

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Great work!  I agree that the feature "search playlist" (maybe as regex) is useful.  Add "Genre" as a sort tag will be useful (as is ability to input a custom sort tag).
Thanks!  :D  :D