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Two design feature request

- Can we have a new icon for Play/Pause, same style of the default ones, in the default installation? Like here for example:

- Can we have an icon for TAK? Not sure how we could have one for ALAC since it's .m4a so just TAK would be enough I guess, in the default installation?


Re: Two design feature request

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I think it's unlikely that Peter would bundle an icon for a format that foobar doesn't support natively??

A TAK icon used to be bundled with foo_input_tak but it doesn't seem to be in the current version. But you can get it from an older version here...

Re: Two design feature request

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Does it support Monkey natively? The icon is there, in fact, I would say we need TAK, TTA, SHN, OFR and LA ...or remove the ape.ico from the next version? Who uses Monkey anymore anyway.

Another solution is to associate the older ones only after the decoder is installed and maybe put the icon in the decoder plugin package.

I don't use TAK or the older ones, it's not for me personally, I don't even install foobar2000, I always and only use it in portable mode, I'm just pointing out misplaced things.

Re: Two design feature request

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.fb2k-component archives can't really bundle their own icons.

Monkey's Audio is supported by an extra component, not bundled with the player.

Re: Two design feature request

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kode54, right, he was saying no icons for the codecs not natively supported but the Ape icon is in the installation even if it's not supported natively.

Re: Two design feature request

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Let me backtrack a little.  :P

TAK is 3rd party. The APE decoder is provided by Peter. Also. according to the changelog, versions before 0.9.2 had native APL support.

Re: Two design feature request

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Ohh ok got it.

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