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Archive tester – Including FLAC testing
"Archive tester" is a UI project I started last year to help myself with the testing of numerous archive files across multiple disks/paths. I think that it may be useful to other people so I recently made it a little cleaner and made it available.

Originally, it tested *.rar, *.7z and *.zip files. Recently I include support for more types supported by 7z.exe, and the support for *.flac files. *

It is still a very fresh project and (constructive) feedback is welcome.

You may find it at:

* You need to give it the path to flac.exe and 7z.exe in the Settings tab. Requires .NET 4.0+. Tested with 7z.exe 16.04 [64], flac.exe 1.3.2 win32/win64. UnRAR.exe is included in the application files.
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  • Thomas C.
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Re: Archive tester – Including FLAC testing
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Version available:
- Skip button (skips current file being tested)
- Timeout setting (skips current file being tested)
- Progress bar now based on byte progress instead of file progress.