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Crossfader DSP not working

Its been a while since i needed to use the crossfader and remember it seem to work at the time.

However now when I try to use it all I get is a slight audio stutter where the fade should start in (ie setting crossfade to 20sec the stutter occurs 20 sec before the end) playing track and no sign of the playing track fading out/next track fading in.  When I get to the end of the playing track, the next track just plays as normal.

I have no other DSP enabled.

How do I fix this?

Re: Crossfader DSP not working

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After a lot of uninstalling/installing components with no luck I decided to see if there was something on the hardware side to cause FB2K to act like this so I created a new portable install on a memory stick and it worked just fine.  This led me to believe it must be a configuration issue with the default DSPs (especially the crossfader OFC).  As there is no seperate cfg file for these (as each other DSP has) I found out they were stored in the "core.cfg" file along with a lot of other settings.  Unfortunately this "cfg" file is not a text file like most applications use so I couldn't poke around in there to try and find the cause of the fault, only solution was to delete it.

After doing so the crossfader worked but a load of settings needed tweaking back to what I'm used to again  :( .

I don't know what caused this problem, but the fix was simple (after a lot of investigation), I just wish the cfg files would be standard text files and/or have the main setting separate from the standard dsp settings.

p.s.  If devs/anyone want the "corrupt" core.cfg to see why its happening (only to me it seems) I can post it.

Re: Crossfader DSP not working

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I'm sure the developer of this software would like that very much.