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Is it possible to modify LAME in such a way that it can create MP3s from a single APE and CUE file? I know there are versions of LAME with Nyaochi's patch for APE and CUE support, but sadly it still means I have to decode the APE first and then encode the CUE, or encode the APE first but have to add tags manually.

Can't a feature be added that enables you to directly encode to several MP3s from an APE with transferred tags from a CUE?

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Did you try something like the following command line?
Code: [Select]
 lame --apeinput --alt-preset standard CUESHEET CDImage.ape.cue _basename --tag

Or are you refering another special situation?
We have several methods to encode APE+CUE as discussed in this thread 

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"Search before you post"...I can actually remember reading that thread, at a time I WASN'T interested in using lossless...guess I forgot about it 

Ahh, now all I need is a way to get "Year" and "Genre" data automatically added to the ID3 tags...