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Why does this forum allow people to have signatures and site links if people who use them are considered to be spammers? This poor fellow has been banned at least twice today and his post deleted three times just because he uses a feature the forum provides. I think it's utter nonsense.

Re: Spam

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So now you're defending a one-post-wonder whose only contribution to the forum was a placebo argument about decoder quality, whose very user name and not-signature were links to the world's worst web site about dog breeding? By all means, let's drum up traffic for them, while we spend a few weeks arguing over how much their opinions are bordering on nonsense. Even their email address was the web site they were linking to.

E: I see they may also have been caught numerous times by our StopForumSpam addon, because the user names, IP addresses, and the same email address are all in the SFS database.

E2: Well, that works too. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

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