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Topic: Q: WordCloud or WordMap component to weighting Artist Aliases/RealNames/ANVs (Read 720 times) previous topic - next topic
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Q: WordCloud or WordMap component to weighting Artist Aliases/RealNames/ANVs

Hello music lovers and technicans,

I'd like to ask, if there is a component/plugin/addon/something out there, which allows a user of f2k
to see (and choose) of all Aliases an Artist has.

The purpose is to listen to music of this artist which he/she/it has made under an alias which the user of f2k might not know already but is stored in the media library of f2k. (something like a genius function, only for the same artist => show/play all songs, this artist has ever made)

This component might be Discogs specific, as discogs can store tags about Artists Realnames, Name Variations and pseudonymes/aliases in the music-files, but any other, like MusicBrainz will do, I guess.

I take Robert Babicz as an example artist.

He has aliases like (i.e.) : Rob Acid, Colone, Acid Warrior, Department Of Dance, Dicabor, Sontec, Twirl

which could be listed like a (clickable) word cloud or word map:

(when clicking on a word, obviously a quicksearch for ... should start, which opens a new playlist with all the found songs)

The component should be able to let the user choose which tags needed to be considered.

In my example with discoGS, there could be tags (multiline tags too) in the music-files, like

%ARTIST% (the standard artist tag)
%PERFORMER% (maybe the artists performs a special instrument)
%DISCOGS_ARTIST_REALNAME% (the real-life-name of the artist)
%DISCOGS_TRACK_CREDIT_MUSIC_BY% (maybe the artist has written this piece of music)
%DISCOGS_ARTIST_MEMBERS% (maybe the artist is a member of a band or combo)
%DISCOGS_ARTIST_ALIASES% (other names, the artist is known as)
%DISCOGS_ARTIST_VARIATION% (other variations of the artists name)
%DISCOGS_ARTIST_ANVS% (other variations of the artists name)
%DISCOGS_TRACK_CREDIT_REMIX% (maybe the artists remixed this track)
%DISCOGS_TRACK_CREDIT_VOCALS% (maybe the artists sung in this track)
%DISCOGS_TRACK_CREDIT_FEATURING% (maybe the artists was featured in this track)
(btw: you can add all of the discogs tags with the great foo_discogs component)

The component then, would take all the names it could grab out of the user-defined tags above and weighten the found names simply on how often they occour.
Say, the ARTIST-tag of the current selected song in f2k is Robert Babicz, it gets the biggest weight.
Then every other found tag information relies on Robert Babicz

Does anybody know a component which allows something like that ?
(I know, I didn't explained it all very well and obviously there is some deep thinking missing, but I hope, you get the point, which is capable of development)

The fancy image is not needed, its nice, but a simple (weight-ordered) list would do!
And if its not possible to weight-order, just a list would do as well. ;-)

I have experimented with the "similar artists" Artist Info for the great JScipt Panel Component, but it only offers similar artists, not just aliases/pseudonyms of a single artist.

Thank you all for reading and maybe some ideas/links on this.

For all ppl. which are interested in playing around on (which is where the above image comes from) here is the saved layout/list which needs to be saved as a file (i.e. wordcloud.wcld) and then opened into (file->open)

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