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"music/records/artists related" forum

Something I was thinking about the other day when writing in this topic

I've seen members starting "music/records/artists related" discussions in the General forum. The Off-Topic forum is surely a more appropriate place for that kind of topic.

But, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to create a new "music/records/artists related" forum. I think music is not totally off-topic at Moreover, many of the threads at the Off-Topic section are about music.

Beside the technical aspects of audio, would it be possible to have a small place for the "artistical" aspects of audio? In one way or another, music is with no doubt what brought us all here at HA.

Mods, admins and members, what are your opinions about that idea?

"music/records/artists related" forum

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I wholeheartedly second your idea!  B)

I'm also involved in the thread you linked to, and voiced support there as well.

"music/records/artists related" forum

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It should at least move these kind of messages out of the other forums and give a little more order. But, aren't we making HA too big? The political nature (i don't think its much "artistic" at all ) may attract long discussions about things we can't control much anyway, it could serve for us to rant long, it may even attract new people that like discussing those things, possibly even people representing the parties involved.

But compared to the continous filling of the off topic forum (and mods moving stuff there), i suppose it could be better. Unless stricter rules are used instead...
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"music/records/artists related" forum

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Well, if Pink Floyd forum will ever be created, I just hope it'll be out of 'active topics', IUKWIM.

"music/records/artists related" forum

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Well, if Pink Floyd forum will ever be created, I just hope it'll be out of 'active topics', IUKWIM.

Well, you're right.

If the music/records/artists (why just Pink Floyd, was it a joke?) forum is ever created, then it should be int the Misc section along Off-Topic. And obviousely, it should also get the same treatement, i.e. not appear in 'active topics'.

"music/records/artists related" forum

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Heh, take a look at off-topic forum, 4 PF threads there, so I consider it as a trend.

"music/records/artists related" forum

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I would also like to see such a forum created on HA; aside from the prevalence of Pink Floyd threads (which I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying!) there has also been a Judas Priest thread in the past few days (and I always thought Judas Priest was better in the Bob Dylan song than they ever were as a band...) and a few other groups have been mentioned in recent momory, if memory serves correctly.

  Why create such a forum, aside from centralizing such threads? Well, there are times when - much as I love recording technology - I would simply prefer to discuss the music, instead. Usually when I've spent a looooonnng session cleaning the most irritating glitches out of someone's "master" tape ("master" is a polite euphemism for the analog cassette which was stealthed under less-than-ideal circumstances, and later becomes the only known surviving copy of a rare show) and need to cool my jets in the positive reflection of something more pleasant... like the Sonics, or the Chocolate Watch Band, or Thelonious Monk, or any of a blue million other garage/psych/jazz/etcetera artists. By all means keep this new forum - if created - out of the "Active Topics" display (when we're in the mood for it, we'll gravitate there on our own), but please accept that such a forum might be seen as desirable by many on this board.

    - M.

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