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foobar2000 Windows 10 Universal App preview

Based on foobar2000 mobile (phone/tablet) codebase, so don't expect a replacement of regular foobar2000.

Available for free to anyone. Windows 10 only, but phone devices are supported.

Slightly cut down from the version available to foobar2000 mobile backers, but most of the stuff that matters is there.

Have fun.

Re: foobar2000 Windows 10 Universal App preview

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Thanks Peter!
Wow! So, you give us a preview, stripped down version and it has more options then 99% audio players for Windows 10 Mobile? I wonder how full version looks like!

BTW, for the last 20 minutes works great on Lumia 640/W10M 10586.218.

I also installed it on PC where I already use win32 foobar2000. I will test it there, too.

P.S. Is there a way to create and save playlists?

Re: foobar2000 Windows 10 Universal App preview

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I'm glad that you like it.

Playlist creation and manipulation will be added. I just haven't gotten around to add it, fixing bugs being higher priority.

Re: foobar2000 Windows 10 Universal App preview

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Good to know. Currently it is the only missing feature. BTW, I did not encounter any freezes or crashes on my phone. It just tends to pick wrong album art for songs without any album art attached.


Re: foobar2000 Windows 10 Universal App preview

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I don't know that it's specifically this app, but whenever I start the foobar2000 app the working set of RuntimeBroker.exe climbs to about 4Gig while using about one of my processors worth of CPU.  After about 4 minutes it goes back to 0% CPU usage and the working set drops to somewhat under a Gig.  So far I haven't noticed this repeating while foobar2000 continues to run.  It doesn't seem to matter if foobar2000 is playing.  FWIW ProcMon doesn't show any significantly different pattern for foobar2000 when this is happening or when it isn't.  (Windows 10 Pro 64bit on a Toshiba Tecra W50, i7-4810MQ, 32G ram, music library on a NAS)

Re: foobar2000 Windows 10 Universal App preview

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I've tried this on my Lumia 950 and on a Windows 10 VM. It worked perfectly on both (and the VM was playing audio over a remote desktop session). Very impressed.

Of particular note, it even remembered what was playing over a reboot of the phone (a test). One of the things that drives me crazy about Groove was its penchant for easily forgetting what's playing.

One thing I found interesting, on the phone it didn't recognize any of the WMA files I had there. I'll stick with FLAC files, so it's not really a problem for me, but I'm surprised that the native music format for Windows 10 isn't supported.


Re: foobar2000 Windows 10 Universal App preview

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In Store it says:

Supported formats include: MP3, M4A, FLAC, Musepack, WavPack, Ogg Vorbis, Opus.

So, it supports most common formats on :)

I plan to do a decoding speed test, as foobar supports it. Am I right to conclude that the fastest decoding formal will consume the least amount of CPU (and battery) during real-time playback?

One more question. Does foobar use built-in system decoders or its own decoder library?

Re: foobar2000 Windows 10 Universal App preview

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Congratulations! foobar2000 FTW!

Offtopic, but still relevant:
Does this mean we are getting close to a MacOS version, dreamed of since always?

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