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Help in trying to find sample for testing.


I've been trying to obtain a copy of what should be a fantastic pre-echo sample track. I recently downloaded a track from the Bladerunner Soundtrack. Now, the problem is that there are several different Bladerunner Soundtrack versions, most of them are not approved by the copyright holders. They are 'hack' releases by people who managed to get their hands on the studio soundtrack material and dub it.

The "offworld" releases are not approved by the copyright holders, but contain many tracks of music found in the movie itself. One such track is the "Japanese Blimp woman" music which has terrible pre-echo problems that are downright obvious in an extreme way. Try to download an mp3 of that track.

Within the track is some kind of oriental harp that is played with fury and causes a slap-like pre-echo and garbled artifacts which are terribly obvious within the natural ambience of the recording.

I'm currently trying to obtain one of the unapproved Bladerunner Soundtracks with the Japanese Blimp woman track. It's a codec killer.

If anyone knows where I can directly obtain a soundtrack like this, let me know.