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Re: JScript Panel

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3.0.24 for fb2k 1.6.6 - 1.6.16

- Update `Smooth` samples with dynamic colour support. They are read from the front cover each time a new track starts. It can be enabled via the right click menu under `Colours`.
- Update `Smooth Browser` with the ability to drag the selected group out on to playlist viewers/playlist managers.
- Fix script error when using `Smooth Playlist Manager` to drag and move a playlist towards the end of the list.

Only the Smooth samples get all the latest features/fixes from the fb2k 2.0 release because they can be copied with no changes required. This is not the case for JS playlist/other samples.

edit: it took me 20 minutes to realise I didn't upload the updated component. I did the changelog/update the docs site but then forgot. It's now there.... :/

Re: JScript Panel

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thanks Marc, the dynamic colour support is great !

Re: JScript Panel

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Better late than never with the dynamic colours.  :))

The component has supported retrieving the colours for many years, long before Spider Monkey Panel was even a thing but of course lots of SMP themes have made use of it much sooner so it seems like it existed there first. But to use those themes, you have to surrender your whole UI to it which I'm not a fan of.

Re: JScript Panel

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3.0.25 for fb2k v1.6.6+
3.2.13 for fb2k 2.0 Beta 18+

Various sample fixes.

I also fixed a bug with right clicking on the scrollbar in the Properties dialog... the same bug as reported in main fb2k 2.0 bug thread for the playlist view if anyone has been reading that.

Re: JScript Panel

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3.2.14 for fb2k 2.0 Beta 18+

- Add fb.ShowPictureViewer. This uses the picture viewer that is built in to foobar2000 itself and accepts any valid image file path as input.
- The Thumbs sample has been updated with a custom double click action which you can set via the right click menu. The new picture viewer is one of the available options.

Re: JScript Panel

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Thank you so much. It works.  8)

EDIT: Glitch: JScript Panel 3 Properties, context menu in item free space removes selection.

Re: JScript Panel

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I cannot reproduce any bug with the properties dialog...

edit: I assumed you meant selected items being removed?? If you really meant the items not remaining highlighted then that is normal behaviour for any list control. Any single click deselects everything. Try the DUI playlist.

Re: JScript Panel

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Ok, no bug. Just thought, why a context menu in item free space at all. In DUI playlist viewer is Undo/Redo context menu in free space, for items "normal" context menu.


Re: JScript BioPanel

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newby questions :  how to change the color text in Bio ? thks

Re: JScript Panel

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From Github

I'm continuing to maintain JScript Panel 3.



All other projects have been abandoned.

Re: JScript Panel

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What a surprise...  This is totally immature.

WTF marc... you can't keep quitting every-time you get mad, deleting repositories again and again. Like we are grateful for your help and components, but your behaviors are totally toxic for any community (and yourself).

Please, just stop, take a break before acting by impulse... and please seek psychological help for these behaviors (I'm being serious, not an attack to you).

Re: JScript Panel

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My repositories remained intact for several hours after my initial outburst in the SMP thread. The decision was well considered.

Re: JScript Panel

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That doesn't fundamentally change what I said. Even if it's a "decision" marc, you keep doing the same everytime.

1. Over-expand with tenths of components.
2. Offering builds, fixes and alternatives for old components not found anymore.
3. Unknown trigger.
4. Delete everything or almost everything.
5. Profit.
6. Repeat.

All this is pretty toxic for a community. Since you keep making users dependent on things which you delete for no reason.

Like is fine if it happens once because... life. But this is not the first neither the second time. There is a pattern here.

The only way for the community to integrate with you in a non-toxic way is just either by ignoring your work since it's totally unreliable or making backups and mirrors of everything you do, in case it happens again.

And you could said you can do whatever you want with your code (yep); but my point is your code is open-source with permissive licenses (so nothing would stop other people to just keep backing up your components if you warned before); so you are doing all this in purpose. Either to get attention or "harm" other people. If it was a decision well considered, then I see no reason to not warn others to just clone your repositories. You didn't... because your intention is clear (specially if it happens again and again).

Re: JScript Panel

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Ok, I had no idea it would escalate like this.
In a friendly manner, it was just "fun" talk to "provoke" you a little bit in hope to motivate you,
if you know what I mean, if not, I can't help you...
In the past it has worked and you did help with Wine and other stuff.
It was also a bit of euphoria that you've been working on SMP and delivered some fixes, since TheQwertiest is absent...
I feel sorry for the people who are depending on your components, don't do that shit man, they don't deserve it.

Maybe you should write a manual titled "The DO's and DON'TS - How to approach and speak to marc2k3?".
Anyways I don't really care but you should care, because it's your problem after all...


Re: JScript Panel

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Is this for real? You can easily style the background/colours of the text control which is a horrifying bright white but instead you choose to grumble about a single button dialog you'll see for a second or 2 when you perform a FAILED search. How often do you search for things that are not present?

Incidentally, this comes from using the MessageBoxW windows API which is blissfully unaware of any dark mode settings in fb2k. Am I really going to seek out a replacement... probably not.

Re: JScript Panel

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function on_lbtn_up(x, y, mask) {
  var buttonWidth = 50; // Width of the button
  var buttonHeight = 20; // Height of the button
  var buttonX = panel.w - buttonWidth - 10; // X position of the button (10 pixels from the right edge of the panel)
  var buttonY = 10; // Y position of the button (10 pixels from the top of the panel)
  // Create the button
  var button = new_button(buttonX, buttonY, buttonWidth, buttonHeight, "Hide");
  button.on_click = function() {
    if (panel.Visible) {
      button.text = "Show";
    } else {
      button.text = "Hide";
Is this code is working in jsp3 ? Just hide or show a panel with a button on click

Re: JScript Panel

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- `utils.MessageBox` and other prompts have been updated to support `Dark Mode`.
- You can now edit the sort pattern for `Smooth Browser` via the right click menu. Previously, it was only possible via the `Properties` window.

Turns out the fb2k SDK has a message box helper which is dark mode compliant. But sacrifices were made. Anyone passing icon args to the utils method in scripts will get fugly icons from previous versions of windows. That's out of my control.