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Topic: Which is best OGG converting from FLAC...standard, SSE, SSE3? (Read 10086 times) previous topic - next topic
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Which is best OGG converting from FLAC...standard, SSE, SSE3?

First, thanks for the time anyone takes to reply.  Also, I've tried my best at due diligence on this but the most recent references now seem to be at least a few years old and I'm wondering if newer versions have changed things.  I also couldn't find any comparisons between the various OGG versions that were what I'd call "layperson friendly".

I posted the same question over on the dB forums, but it seems many folks over there don't use the OGG codec so I thought I'd post here.

I really enjoy music but don't consider myself an audiophile. Also, I like to think I'm pretty smart, but don't have the time to climb more of the technical learning curve than I already have...I'd like to remain "an articulate end user".

So, bottom line, in converting recently re-ripped FLAC archive files to OGG, what if any trade-offs exist regarding sound quality, file size and conversion speed between "Standard", SSE, and SSE3?

Also, what are the "best overall" settings for the quality/VBR setting considering the above?

Finally, if you all recommend the "Standard" OGG encoder, it also has the options regarding Frequency, Channels, and the "Finer Quality Resolution" check box...thoughts?

Many thanks in advance. I've tried my best to self serve on these but seem to have hit my threshold.

IN RESPONSE TO: Someone's questions on the dB thread regarding "Why OGG and not AAC or MP3?"

I probably avoided AAC because of its early association with Apple. Since their early days, I've hated all things Apple/Mac/i-anything; their propensity for painting consumers into a "proprietary corner" just always galled me and they've done it since the beginning. I don't mean to start any debate, it's just how a personally feel about it and will never (if given a choice) own or use anything Apple owned, derived, etc.

When I first started dabbling in various "shootout" articles and so on, I also ended up gravitating to OGG because everything at the time seemed to point toward a combination of higher "general" audio quality at comparatively smaller file sizes, particularly related to MP3. Maybe that's all changed?

My bottom lines for whatever I choose, though, include...

  • Easy to incorporate into good, intuitive software such as DB; I've tried tangling with EAC and Foobar and their a little to involved for my needs
  • Good combination of highest "general" quality with smallest size; I like to pack as much onto my phone as possible with minimal sacrifice
  • Compatible with different stereo receiver brands, Sonos, and all of the various home server options (Windows, NAS, etc.)

So I don't know, if someone can provide the compelling argument, I suppose I'm open. I just REALLY don't want to have to go through the exercise again. I work quite a bit and travel for business as well. I'd like to find "the" combination of archival and portable formats that become my standard without having to always search around for latest/greatest, etc. For the same reasons, I'm not inclined to be on the cutting or even bleeding edge of betas, etc. I don't have time for re-doing things because bugs haven't been worked out.

Again, many thanks!!

Which is best OGG converting from FLAC...standard, SSE, SSE3?

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SSE builds will be slightly faster on modern CPUs but won't run on very old CPUs.

Which is best OGG converting from FLAC...standard, SSE, SSE3?

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You might search for topics like this one or check out the wiki.

Edit: OGG is not a codec.

Which is best OGG converting from FLAC...standard, SSE, SSE3?

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The fastest Ogg Vorbis encoder: (Lancer SSE3, quality as same as aotuv b5 20061024).

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