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Foobar2000 Skip Plugin - Skip Beginning AND End of track?

Hey there foo fans...I presently use skip to skip really long intros, simply using "<SKIP> 00:00:00-00:30:00", but I haven't been able to figure out how to skip another section of the track. I tried: "<SKIP> 00:00:00-00:30:00; 00:35:00-01:00:00;" both using semicolons and commas to separate the values, but couldn't get it to work.  So is there a way for me to skip the beginning and end of a track so it would only play a middle section.  Is there a way to have a parameter do the opposite like in other programming maybe (!SKIP) 00:30:00-00:35:00?

Any tips are appreciated b/c this one has me stumped 

Foobar2000 Skip Plugin - Skip Beginning AND End of track?

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it is a little hidden but if you check the about dialog of the component under file>preferences>components, you get this....

Skips tracks that match user configurable search query.
Query is configured in Preferences -> Tools -> Skip Track.

Skip query supports the following non-standard title formatting fields:
%playlist_name%  : name of the playlist file is loaded from.
%playback_order% : current playback order name.
$rand()          : random number from 0 to 2^32-1.

Can also skip parts of tracks. Tag field SKIP specifies the timecodes:
SKIP=-<time>   to skip from the beginning to <time>.
SKIP=<time>-   to skip from <time> to the next track.
SKIP=<a>-<b>   to skip from position <a> to later position <b>.
SKIP=-<a>;<b>-   to skip from start to <a> and from <b> to next track.

Timecodes use format [hh:][mm:]ss.

Also includes automatic and manual track bookmarking.

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i guess this would do it...

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