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Re: foo_tfsandbox

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Version 1.0.2 is out. The window just got resizable.

The width of the code structure view and the height of the output view are still fixed. They will become resizable in a later version. See foo_tfsandbox/#3 on GitHub.

Re: foo_tfsandbox

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When the playlist is empty, click View>tfsandbox, > crash.

Re: foo_tfsandbox

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Version 1.0.3 is out. It fixes the crash reported by always.beta.

Re: foo_tfsandbox

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Thanks for the updates and responding to feature requests.

I'm on Win7 with v1.0.3 and cant move the splitters, is that normal? I went straight to trying to hack the window size with authotkey before I saw v1.0.3 (and it didnt work). The width of the tree view is the most useful for me in regards to resizing. I'm trying to compare two fairly complex strings, and cant get any decent screenshot of the tree view.

If there was some sort of export for the tree that would be cool. But even better would be automatic formatting/indenting of the code pasted in the first box, with line feeds of course of legibility which could then be copy/pasted back and forth in a code editor. Then when desired result reached line feeds removed to paste in FB2K where needed. If this was implemented it wouldnt be dependent on the tree view 100% for easier interpretation/comparison of TF code. I've tried to manually indent/linefeed TF code for comparison of two TF strings or just to create/fix one, and its too confusing, but you've already got the tree view doing that.

If i've overlooked some functionality or purpose of the sandbox I apologize. Thanks again for the component.

Re: foo_tfsandbox

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You cannot move the splitters because that has not been implemented yet. Strictly speaking they are not even splitters yet, just empty space between two widgets.

Thanks for your suggestions about making the structure of the script easier to understand. I am aware that the tree view is inadequate for the nesting depth of most real-life scripts. My goal with the title formatting sandbox is to make it easier for people to learn and understand title formatting. I therefore implemented various features to make things visible that normally aren't while keeping the semantics of normal title formatting including the notion that tabs and spaces are significant. I am therefore wary to add an (automatic) indentation feature.

Re: foo_tfsandbox

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Possible wishlist items, possibly soon to be discarded for being too much work:

* Items for (highlight &) right-click menu: "Save as"/"Export to", and also "Open"/"Import from" the following
- file copy/move/rename preset
- Window title / Status bar / Notification area tooltip
- text file

* When editing file copy/move/rename patterns, or convert to file naming patterns, or Window title / Status bar / Notification area tooltip patterns:
- Right-click -> open sandbox
(This possibly requires several instances. Or maybe, just put the string on top of the buffer window.)

Re: foo_tfsandbox

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Actually I think those are reasonable feature requests. Most of them have been at the back of my mind since I began working on the plugin (see issues #6, #7, #8 on GitHub). However some of them are not feasible without the cooperation of other components (see issue #9).

Re: foo_tfsandbox

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Hello foosion,

your component is a big help, though it is no big fun without sliders to resize the portions of the window, when dealing with long code (nag nag nag nag...). ;-D

can we -somehow- define where the input for the "preview field" comes from? And make it stick over sessions (close and open the sandbox-windows).

You wrote, it is taken from the actual playing song, but -for me- this is not a useful context.
The now playing song changes very often while I'm jumping in and out of the sandbox window and starting the test-song again (because of its tags) *and* listen to it again and again (and the follow up songs) is... well...kinda boring.

Maybe  I didn't figure out, how to define a fix file/track for the preview, and it is very simple?


Re: foo_tfsandbox

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Hi foosion, loving this component so much but, can you please update the interface to "night mode"?
Thanks in advance

Re: foo_tfsandbox

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re: screenshot: any reason you don't find and correct the tags rather than code for bad data?
(e.g. display %album artist%/<TAG> in facets/playlist viewer/... and change variants to standard "Various Artists")   

just askin for a friend :)

Re: foo_tfsandbox

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re: screenshot: any reason you don't find and correct the tags rather than code for bad data?
(e.g. display %album artist%/<TAG> in facets/playlist viewer/... and change variants to standard "Various Artists")   
just askin for a friend :)
of course i tag the bad data but when manage thousans of albums the things becomes quite time consuming, so, i code that for the sake of 'detection' the bad or missing fields in certains tags and make the rid of that. In that case, the code on the screenshot is for album artist/ artist.