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My Argument is Not Correct!
I just recently downloaded AG to use as a front end for LAME. I already have files ripped to .wav files. What I want to do is this.

1. .Wav file is named Artist - Album - Track # - Title.wav
2. I want to use the external Lame.exe to encode from a Ripped directory.
3. I want the encoded file to be placed in Encoded\Artist\Album parent-child directories after encoding.
4. I also want to tag the files from the file name.
5. I want to use --alt-preset standard as my switch.

Any AG users have any idea how to enter this argument?

I can get it to encode w/ APS, but the tagging and directory structuring is giving me problems. Do I need to set this up somewhere other than the argument line?
Any help would greatly be appreciated.