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Text to speech component
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i hope somebody is going to recompile this great plugin for 0.9 

there's no active link as far as I could see...
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pleease, could anybody answer at least

I don't know any more than you, but I'd certainly be interested in this now I've got some lovely AT&T voices to play with

sure that might be    but mainly I'm looking forward to it, since I would want to hear what's next... or something like that... an announcement, so to say

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Text to speech component
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I'm actually going to redownload fb2k 0.8 now just to get this working again

edit: How strange; Audrey says "dot" after anything unless the last word is a single letter 
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Text to speech component
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This sounds interesting. I wonder if there is an updated version for foobar 0.9x?