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AccurateRip status: Not accurate

Hello, I ripped an original cd with foobar2000+flac.1.3.0, after the proccess it showed me the log and say that
cd was ripped with minor errors, and show me this message after every song rip:
AccurateRip status: Not accurate - partial match with offset: 715(34)
The files are there and they seems to be OK, but is that "minor errors" matter?
Is it damage something? Or it's ok?
Would glad for an answer, thanks 

AccurateRip status: Not accurate

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"minor problems" is probably what it said. I believe it will say this if it was unable to produce consistent results through re-reading (when security is set to "standard" or "paranoid"), or if the results just happened to not match anything in the AccurateRip database.

AccurateRip status: Not accurate - partial match with offset: 715(34)

This means your audio data is slightly different than the data that was obtained by 34 other rips in AccurateRip database. That is, all 34 got the same data as each other, but you got something different in your rip. It could be as little as just one sample off by a tiny amount, or it could be more, especially if the disc is scratched. It is also possible nothing is wrong, and you just have a different pressing than the one in the database.

Also, the audio data in your rip is shifted by 715 samples as compared to that rip in the database. If you see this number a lot, it means you probably have not entered the right offset correction value in the settings. However this isn't really anything to worry about. It doesn't affect the quality of your rip or its ability to be compared to others. ( may help you understand this aspect a little better.)

If you don't hear any problems, don't worry about it. If you are unsure, you could try checking it with CUETools, which has the ability to repair minor damage, if a recovery file exists for your disc in the CTDB.

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