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Nero AAC page removed from

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Yep, same Menno. ^^ Goran works for FhG, Menno was not working in the audio "area" last time we had contact.

Interesting. Is the forum member Goran Tomas the Goran you mentioned?


Nero AAC page removed from

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All has been answered in the #Hydrogenaudio IRC channel. Just in case anyone else is curious...

Apparently, Nero did lose interest in the AAC encoder and it is not in active development. There were four main people on the development team and none of them are still at Nero.
  • Ivan Dimkovic, who created the PsyTel encoder that would become Nero's AAC encoder. Now he is simulating brains.
  • Menno Bakker, who worked on FAAC, and then FAAD, now he lives in the USA doing something.
  • Goran Markovic, who now works at Fraunhofer.
  • Gian-Carlo Pascutto, who now works at Mozilla.

Well that is sad, but it is interesting to hear about the development of the thing. It seemed like a really nice little package, and it was high-quality and free, which was important for its time. The world is better because it existed/exists.

I also understand that Nero is sold, and plans of the new owners are still a mystery, but AAC codec does not appear to be included.
EDIT: Nero was sold very long ago, 2008, before the last AAC developer may have left, may not be so important.

Nero AAC page removed from

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I still use it ( when I encode with Audioencoder.  But in general I use Apple's encoder + their MFIT droplet.

Sorry to hear that is likely their last version. 

Nero AAC page removed from

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Interesting to see the private investigations where did the developers go

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