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Replaygain for multiple CDs
Hi all! I've been encoding all my music with mpc and right now, I have to replaygain all the CDs. I use EAC for ripping and MPC batch encoder for replaygain them but it's really slow cos I've to go directory by directory. I was wondering if exists a program to replaygain each directory individualy as a batch or something like that...


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Replaygain for multiple CDs
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You could use case sweep tool together with replaygain.exe. If your files are tagged you can use foobar and "scan by album-tag".

How to use sweep with replaygain look at the last replies... there are instructions.

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Replaygain for multiple CDs
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If you really use MPC-Batch-Encoder of the latest version, then you should have seen that there´s an option named "Include subdirectories". If you check this option and put all album-directories in one main folder, the replaygaining will be done all in one step.
But be aware! The replaygain-function of the MPC-Batch-Encoder does not calculate the album-gain values properly, as it "sees" all albums, which have to be to gain, just as one single. To avoid this, you better use replaygain with sweep (as Jan S. already recommended). If you are no fan of commandline-tools you also can try with Madah´s Frontah or Max Bureck´s UniversalFront . With all three you will get lucky. "Sweep" has the advantage, that you see all the time, how far the gaining-process already is.
My used codecs and settings:
FLAC V1.1.2 -4 / APE V3.99 Update 4 -high / MPC V1.15v --q 5 / LAME V3.97b2 -V2 --vbr-new / OGG aoTuV V4.51 Lancer -q5

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Replaygain for multiple CDs
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Thanx guys!! I didn't know anything about sweep but it's a really good program .