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YouTube Track Manager

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New version


  • Fixed broken YouTube searching.
  • Added integrated artist search for album manager - click top header artist to edit, select etc. Auto-searches 1.5 seconds after last key stroke or on enter. Click X to toggle clearing / reinstating text. Works the same as the "Choose Artist" menu item, which is retained since its available in button and nowplaying modes.
  • Added option to group MusicBrainz releases by release type when "All" releases are shown. Located on drop down menu ("▼").
  • Optimized optional media library usage. Now automatically synchronises with media library following tag updates and additions / removals from media library, without creating an autoplaylist of whole media library [still only requires wsh_panel_mod 1.5.6+].
  • Playlists menu item now shows all playlists, with core YouTube Track Manager playlists at the top. Popup menu structure should give reasonable access to a large number of playlists.
  • Improved transparency handling when wsh_panel_mod is in pseudo transparent mode.
  • Various bug fixes and other refinements.
See the previous post (#50) for more information about YouTube Track Manager.

YouTube Track Manager

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Thank you so much for this WilB
Optional media library usage is great for saving my data usage.
Any way to prefer tracks
Soft playlist have options like:

YouTube Track Manager

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^ Done

New version

Optional media library - can now choose on the "Manage" menu item which media library tracks to prefer: "Highest Bitrate" (default), "Lowest Bitrate", "Longest", "Shortest", "Latest", "Oldest" or "No Preference" (original behaviour). foo_playcount is supported and if installed there are also "Most Played", "Highest Rated" and "Highest Plays Per Day" options. This works whenever media library tracks are loaded instead of YouTube tracks. THESE MENU OPTIONS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IF "*USER.USE MEDIA LIBRARY" IS ENABLED IN PROPERTIES.

YouTube Track Manager

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Noted - I will try and improve it for the next release. For now you can sharpen the button text as follows: shift + right click the panel, click configure, then ctrl + h, and replace gb.SetTextRenderingHint(3) with gb.SetTextRenderingHint(0) - do this for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th instances in the script. Leave the 1st and 5th instances unchanged. But if you also want to sharpen the YT button, change the 1st instance as well, but I don't think it needs changing.

YouTube Track Manager

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1. It looks the same to me?????????. So I am not sure what you mean. Left pane is youtube trackmanager in album view (click yT button to toggle with nowplaying view). Other panels are not related to youtube trackmanager. If its the question marks you don't like when album name is absent enclose in square brackets; e.g. [%album%] in playlist configuration. Colours are set as described below.

2. This is a simple default user interface theme.

Set the following colours (Red-Green-Blue) in preferences\default user interface\colors and fonts

Text 154-194-254
Background 24-44-73
Selection 50-95-31
Highlight 229-240-255

Layout is is organised by standard splitters (view\layout\enable layout editing mode):

Vertical is a splitter (left/right); then left pane of this has two splitters (top/bottom) that contain youtube trackmanager (nowplaying view shown), Lyric Show Panel 3 and the spectrum. Right panel is EsPlaylist.

3. Probably this is unrelated to youtube trackmanager; playback errors of youtube videos may be caused by internet dropouts, especially if playing videos that require high bandwidth as opposed to audio only. Try the preconfigured audio version of foo_youtube or check the foo_youtube thread for setup hints. Very occassionally I have had poor youtube videos that are incorrectly truncated. Let me know if you have more info and I may be able to help further.

4. Youtube trackmanager does not control foobar2000 notifications. These are core foobar2000 settings. Check settings in preferences\default user interface.


YouTube Track Manager

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    The  script can already pretty much do this although by a slightly different method,  i.e. you can already save the results (up to the top 50) yourself and access  the songs offline. To do this, generate the top 50 playlists whilst the media  library is enabled. Offline means restricting playback to songs in the library.  So to identify library tracks in the playlists use something like $if($strstr(%path%,,YouTube  Video,Library Track). They can then be sorted if required. Symbols etc can be  used instead of the text descriptions. This method also makes it much easier to  identify the tracks you can play.

YouTube Track Manager

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    New version 1.8 (see the readme for  full information & installation instructions) CHANGELOG:

    Improved button drawing

    Improved  radio modes  These offer single artist, genre/top tags, similar artists & similar songs  playback based on track popularity data from, echonest  or your library. They're great for listening to music of a chosen  style. & echonest also work well for music discovery with  echonest recommended for simplicity & for more  control or if you prefer the musical choices. Uses YouTube links  (default; audio only & video) or available library tracks. Library  radio offers a new way of playing your own music & avoids  YouTube links. Changes to radio settings require a station reload.

  • Echonest radio. Now  simplified: just select the music style for an excellent mix. Echonest  description is: "only the top hottest songs of an artist are used to build  the playlist". Artist variety can be set up to echonest max of 100. Due to api ambiguities, the previous song  hotness 2 & 3 were identical & the same as now used.
  • radio. Offers  a  full range of options, many new & improved, so that listening can  be fined tuned according to taste & station type. Options (below) should  also be clear from menu ("New Radio Station" & "Manage \  Radio"):

    • Set preferred tracks type with new presets:  Highly Popular, Popular, Normal, Varied, Diverse, Highly Diverse. These  presets progressively decrease the proportion of popular tracks & increase  diversity (song variety). User configurable. Default: Popular.
    • Set popularity type used by presets. Current favours tracks  that are hot & trending right now, including new releases. All-time  picks tracks based on overall popularity.
    • Choose the artist variety: range  10-250 artists. Lower values favour music most similar to the seed  & higher values artist discovery. Default: 50. Optimum: 10-125 for most seeds.
    • Set artists selection mode. The default is to play artists of  higher similarity more frequently to give a mostly similar music blend and  retain a discovery aspect. The alternative is a random pick.
    • Added new radio genre mode. Choose from:

      • Tracks  (original style): gets top tracks for tag. Excellent mix. Ltd  by feed size (max 1000).
      • Artists (new style): gets  top artists  for tag. Gives bigger pool of tracks for greater variety.
  • Library radio Uses  playcounts* or ratings* to bias towards playing favourites:

    • Similar artists & genre  [Artists]** radios use artist lists from  (as above) to generate a pool of library tracks. Artist  variety = target number of artists. **Independent of genre tag in music file.
    • Single artist & genre  [Tracks] radios. Library tracks matching the artist or genre form the  pool.
    • A weighted auto-pick is then used to select tracks from the  pools. *Options require foo_playcount.
    • Stations will only open if sufficient matching tracks in library. Console  confirms search method. Similar songs radio N/A (grayed out).
  • Added easy control over whether or not to remove played radio tracks  from the radio playlist.
  • Echonest/  Option to prefer library tracks over YouTube (menu: "Manage \  Library"). Library radio overrides setting.
  • Black listing:  recommended for poor YouTube versions. Often can check effect by reloading from  top tracks.
    Album  manager The  album manager can use album track lists from MusicBrainz or to build  albums from YouTube links. Available library tracks (artist - title match) can  be used instead of YouTube tracks.

  • The Default behaviour is unchanged:  YouTube links are added to the album playlist  (new name "Album").
  • Optionally add albums to the library  with all the benefit that offers. This requires use of m-TAGS. To enable:

      • Install foo_tags (m-TAGS) 1.12+.
      • Configure library Set an  album build type:  "YouTube Tracks"; "Prefer  Library Tracks" (use available  library tracks else YouTube tracks); original "Library  Tracks" (this option depends on tracks  being in library) [menu: "Manage \ Library"].
      • Set the media library to monitor  the fb2k profile folder: yttm\albums (if unmonitored m-TAGS are still  auto-created & can be played by dropping into a playlist or double  clicking).
      • Add "cover.*" minus quotes to display preferences. Covers  for m-TAGS albums are down-loaded ( Display  refresh may be needed on 1st load. Avoid embedded artwork for  library tracks.
      • Double click an album in  album manager to load.
    • Preview playlist: "Album New". Use file  operations\delete if new albums unwanted. Black list poor YouTube versions  & re-load album to see if better ones.
    • Identification of  tracks in library: use !!.tags (filename suffix) in library  filters etc. "View by folder structure" is also useful (look under the  initial letter of the artist). Code examples are in readme.
    • Update albums by re-loading if m-TAG references become outdated.  m-TAGS are not used for top50s, top tracks and top songs.
  • Added mouse middle click action to load full albums (click album  -> whole album in 1 file).
    Nowplaying panel New image only mode  (mouse middle click or "Manage" menu): acts as an album artwork panel  for covers and artist images. Dual functionality is useful if you no longer  wish to look at album & track lists. Nowplaying panel can cycle through multiple artist images (see readme) &  display covers [external + embedded] / YouTube pics / radio search feedback /  nowplaying text / active playlist name. Toggles: double click > image/text  types; middle click > image only mode vs  image + text; yT button> nowplaying vs album  manager panels.

    Properties Simplified &  cleaned of redundant. Export previous before updating, if you need a record.

    Album Playlist Please rename to  "Album" or alter property name. Previous: "YouTube Album"  N/A now.

    Requires: wsh_panel_mod 1.5.6 or higher (don't use 1.5.8); foo_youtube 1.12.1+. Optional: m-TAGS 1.12+; foo_playcount.

YouTube Track Manager

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    New  Version 1.9   

Fixed  minor issues with library radio and m-TAGS.   


(1)  Thanks for the report. Fixed 'Korean Character' and other character support  with Echonest radio. radio was already OK. Nonetheless, some Korean  artists have very few or zero tracks in the Echonest database. seemed  fine and so I would recommend using radio for Korean artists.   

(2)  I suspect that is due to a foobar2000 setting. Uncheck "Bring to front  when adding new files" in foobar2000\preferences\shell integration to  ensure that foobar2000 does not grab focus away from other applications (see  set up instructions in the readme).

YouTube Track Manager

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    New Version: YouTube Track Manager 2.0     

    Improved  performance for both radio and album modes, especially when optional media  library usage is enabled   

    Minor  bug fixes & enhancements   

    YouTube Track Manager 2.0 requires:

  • wsh_panel_mod 1.6.1 or higher
  • foo_youtube 1.12.1+
  • Optional components:

    • m-TAGS 1.12+. Required to enable the album manager to operate with the  media library
    • foo_playcount. Recommended for optimal performance of the media library radio
                    Installation  instructions are in the readme: see Set Up.


YouTube Track Manager

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New  Version: YouTube Track Manager 2.1

Album manager: added smooth scrolling.

Added field re-mapping of artist, genre and title, used  for searches. Set in "*User.Titleformat..." in properties.

YouTube Track Manager 2.1  requires:

  • JScript Panel 1.0.0 or better (WSH Panel Mod 1.6.1 or 1.6.2 or      1.6.3 can be used instead). If you plan to replace WSH Panel Mod in your      layout with JScript Panel, consider exporting YouTube Track Manager      properties for re-import into the new JScript Panel to retain custom      properties and menu settings.
  • foo_youtube 1.12.3+ (earlier versions will not work      correctly).
  • Optional components:
    • foo_playcount. Recommended for optimal performance of the media library radio.
    • m-TAGS 1.12+. Required to automatically generate m-TAGS files using  album track lists from MusicBrainz and MusicBrainz will often (but not  always) give better results for albums than m-TAGS is also required to  enable the album manager to operate with the media library.
Installation  instructions are in the readme: see Set Up.


YouTube Track Manager

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    New  Version: YouTube Track Manager 2.2

    Minor bug fixes.

    See 2 posts above (#70) for requirements.


YouTube Track Manager

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New Version: YouTube Track Manager 2.3

    [/li][li]Improved smooth      scrolling and scrollbar. [/li][li]Added mouse wheel option of page or standard 3 line scrolling (page      = default; change in panel properties). [/li][li]Panel now      mostly uses left button single click actions (rather than double click) so      that it works the same way as library tree and album list type panels. [/li][li]Added custom      colour options to panel properties: presets to auto fade & blend      colours plus ability to set all colours individually. [/li][li]Added      ability to zoom the font size: use mouse-over with CTRL + mouse wheel.      Base font size is set with DUI or CUI list font, as before. Changing the UI list font size      resets the zoom. Button size can still be zoomed in same way. Zoom      settings for both font and button sizes are now grouped & previous      button size property removed. [/li][li]Library radio –      nowplaying panel now reports the number of matching tracks found in the      library, and thus the pool size that is being used for the radio. [/li][li]Improved search      focus handling. [/li][li]yT button now      fades when now playing panel is in image only mode (it's always top      right). [/li][li]Improved      properties format; this only affects *USER properties. The script will      automatically copy over previous *USER property values. Export previous      before updating, if you need a record or have made complex changes [/li][/list] YouTube  Track Manager 2.3 requires:

      [/li][li]JScript Panel      1.0.0      or better (WSH Panel Mod 1.6.1 or 1.6.2 or 1.6.3 can be used instead). [/li][li]foo_youtube 1.14.1+      (earlier versions will not work correctly). [/li][li]Optional      components:
        [/li][li]foo_playcount. Recommended for        optimal performance of the media library radio. The media library radio        will also work best where you have a reasonable number of tracks to pick        from (nowplaying panel now reports the pool size used). [/li][li]m-TAGS 1.12+.        Required to enable inclusion of media library tracks, with correct        grouping, in albums built by album manager. If the foobar2000\yttm\albums        folder is added as a monitored music folder in preferences\media library        the albums will show in the media library. This process can be        enabled/disabled at any time. Use "!!.tags"        (filename suffix) in library filters to identify the m-TAGS albums in the        media library etc. "View by folder structure" is also useful        (look under the initial letter of the artist). To view the original media        library, use "NOT %path% HAS !!.tags" in filters or        "*!!.tags" as an excluded file type in preferences\media        library. Enter all without the quotes. [/li][/list] [/li][/list] Installation:  Add a JScript Panel to the layout in the  usual way. Click the JScript panel (or right click and choose configure) to  open the editor. Use the tools button to import the YouTube Track Manager  script. Finally, it is recommended to optimise settings under foobar2000\preferences\shell  integration: (1) Uncheck "Bring to front when adding new files" to  ensure that foobar2000 does not grab focus away from other applications. (2) If  the default %path_sort% is present in "Sort incoming files by: ",  change it to something better like %album artist% - %album% - %tracknumber% -  %title% to ensure album tracks are loaded in the correct order.

        Many  options are on the YouTube Track Manager right click menu. Other options are in  panel properties (accessed from the right click menu). See the readme for full  info.

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        Thanks I already worked out the radio stream issue. I am not sure about creating a new thread. In the very first post a suitable discussion thread was identified since a closely allied one already existed and I was aware of the guidelines, but everybody posted here. Also posts are editable since I just edited this... A mod could move the whole YouTube Track Manager thread to third party plug-ins to keep everything in one place I suppose.

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 2.4

        - Updated for compatibility with JScript Panel 1.1.0+
        - Fixed minor redraw issues with album manager
        - Fixed edge case radio stream handling
        - Requires JScript Panel 1.1.0+, foo_youtube 1.14.1+ and optionally playback statistics 3.02+ + m-TAGS (foo_tags) 1.12+

        I decided to create a separate discussion thread and all discussion should now go here..

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 2.6

        For requirements, see post above

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 2.7

        For requirements, see two posts above

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 2.8

        For requirements, see three posts above

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 2.9

        Requirements are unchanged from four posts above, except for upgrading to latest version of foo_youtube.dll.

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 3.0

        Requirements are unchanged from five posts above, except upgrading to latest version of foo_youtube.dll is recommended.

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        ^ Done - see technical changes here

        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 3.1

        Requires JScript Panel 1.1.0+,  foo_youtube 1.17.1+ and optionally playback statistics 3.02+ & m-TAGS 1.12+.

        Please post discussion here

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 3.2

        Requirements are unchanged from the above post

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 3.2

        Requirements are unchanged from two posts above

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 3.4


        Fixed regression in button mode. If you use button mode, please use this version.

        Requirements are unchanged from three posts above.

        Re: YouTube Track Manager

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        New Version: YouTube Track Manager 3.5

        Requirements are unchanged from four posts above.