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Aftermarket system installation questions. two amps?
I am new to this and would love some clarification before i start wiring things up. I am installing a new system into my 1966 chevy impala and want to see which setup you guys think is best. I have a pioneer DEH5200HD head unit, a boss c350 400watt 4 channel amp, two sony xplod 6x9  4way coaxial speakers, two 6.5" dual audio speakers xp65i, two 12" sony xplod subs 1300w, and a second amp rocksford frosgate punch 500S.

Will this combo work well together? are both amps necessary or can i get away with just one? will it suck too much juice with two amps? if it will can i buy anything to help alleviate this issue? any advice is greatly appreciated

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Aftermarket system installation questions. two amps?
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For the love of god please get rid of the rear deck nonsense. Unless you are running quadrophonic or surround sound. Also ditch the coaxial fronts altogether. Spend a little money on proper two way separates for front staging. I don't care what brand just a separate woofer/mid and tweeter with crossover. If they are installed correctly and reasonably sensitive you can power them from the head unit acceptably. Then run whichever is the most powerful amp from the preouts of your head unit to power the subs. The 1300w is bullshit but they will provide enough low end for general listening. They won't reach the lower octave of sound, ie 20-40 hz, doing that properly requires substantial investment, but they will handle most music fine.