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foobar won't play - any ideas?
I have a computer with removable drives. It has a linux installation one one drive. Audio playback works with it. I just tried to install XP on a second drive. XP says the mother board audio is working. I downloaded foobar2000 and installed it, seeminglysucessfully. When I run foobar and hit play the screen "preferences:output" comes up but there seems to be nothing on the screen regarding the actual output. Any ideas?


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foobar won't play - any ideas?
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What do you mean by XP saying that audio works? Do you actually see output devices in Sounds and Audio Devices properties and hear for example system sounds? The Preferences dialog that you describe lists all available output devices under the Device label. With default install it will always list Null Output and all DirectSound compatible devices. By default a device called Primary Sound Driver should be selected. That particular device always points to your default sound output in your system. Are you saying this list is empty for you?
You don't mention where you downloaded foobar2000 from. If it's not from the official site there's no telling what settings a custom package could contain. The preferences page will pop up if previously selected output device is missing. If this is the case, just select the Primary Sound Driver and hit OK.