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  • francesco
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can you help me for an internet radio ?
can you please give me some advises about an internet radio?
maybe with wifi , to buy , i will use it in europe , so maybe a product easy to find in europe

i'm looking for one that i can connect to my densen amp or marantz or i can buy a internet radio to use with a built in amp

i listen lots of music via radio at home , don't like to keep my laptop or my desktop On to listening only interent radio

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  • ktf
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can you help me for an internet radio ?
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Maybe you should take a look here: I've quite a lot positive reviews. They're much cheaper than 'HiFi' internet radio's like Marantz' and the like.

Marantz has an internet radio device as well, but it's very expensive, the Marantz NA-11S1, so that's probably not a good idea. There are lots of set-top box style devices, like the Pioneer N-30, Denon DNP-720AE... I think most HiFi brands have a product that fits your description. I don't know about WiFi though, if that's a requirement the Pure units are quite nice.
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