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Sound won't flow into Vinyl recording software
Hi all, I hope you can help me. I'm just a guy with a mission to make all my old vinyl into digital files. It has been a long frustrating process to this point but now I'm really stumped.

I bought a DAK pre-amp to go with my old turntable.
I discovered my old turntable no longer worked.
Bought Sony USB turntable PS-LX300USB....It came with Sony Soundforge 9.0 editing software.
I hooked it up and it worked, but there was this garbled background noise all of the time.
Turns out, the USB wire was acting as an antenna and picking up the local radio station well enough to hear the weather report on my recordings!
I tried grounding everything and using shielded USB cables, but no luck. I wired the turntable through my DAK pre-amp/mixer to my sound card. I (finally) found all the settings so I get sound from the turntable, through the pre-amp, to the sound card, and out of the computer speakers on the monitor.

Now, here's the catch. When I fire up Soundforge, like I did before when it worked with the USB,  and click record vinyl record, no sound registers on the level indicators. I can make the sound louder and softer with everything from the pre-amp/mixer to any volume setting device on the computer but Soundforge won't find my audio input.

Is (can, is it even possible) the sound is staying in the sound card and not interacting with the computer software or what?

I hope you people have an answer!

Thank you all in advance.


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Sound won't flow into Vinyl recording software
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I guess you connected the DAK to the line-in of the sound card. So, in Sound devices, under recording, select line-in and it will record it - probably it is set to record microphone or something, if set at all.

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Sound won't flow into Vinyl recording software
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OK, I had checked that yesterday. When I bring up the recording section under sound devices there are a bunch of boxes I can check. Microphone, line in, ....."Line in" was already checked. Is there somewhere else I need to look for another spot to select Line In?

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Sound won't flow into Vinyl recording software
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Soundforge is probably still configured to record from the USB input, which is a different recording "device" from the soundcard.  Configuring line-in on the soundcard won't help if Soundforge is "listening" to the unconnected USB device.

I don't have Soundforge, but there should be a way to select or confirm the input source (line-in from the soundcard),.  And, Soundforge might have it's own recording-level control.

If you can hear it through the computer speakers, you should be able to record it, but Windows has separate recording & playback "mixers", so you don't always hear what you are recording.

BTW -  The RCA jacks on most USB turntables are line-level, so you shouldn't need the DAK preamp unless you are using it to adjust the recording level.  If you do use the DAK, you'll need to use line-level inputs (not phono inputs).

I'm wouldn't give-up on Soundforge yet, but there are other applications you can use - Audacity is FREE and very popular.    I mostly use GoldWave ($60 USD).  Total Recorder ($18 & up) is supposed to be "foolproof".
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Sound won't flow into Vinyl recording software
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Any decent recording application, Soundforge included, has audio device setup somewhere in its preferences or settings section. You must select the proper input there, regardless of what you do elsewhere in Windows.