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ReplayGain scan of iTunes AAC removes "VBR" from "Bit R

I have some AAC .m4a files that I encoded in iTunes, using the iTunes Plus preset. Within iTunes, the "Bit Rate" field reads "256 kbps (VBR)".

However, after I run a ReplayGain scan on the files and update the tags, iTunes now displays only "256 kbps". It seems that in the process of adding the ReplayGain tags, foobar2000 is modifying something else which is causing "(VBR)" to disappear.

Apparently Mp3tag used to have the same problem, and it was fixed:

[F] VBR field strangeness

Thanks for reporting! This should now be fixed with Mp3tag v2.46.

Edit: Just to clarify: iTunes now has a specific tag field which stores the VBR info as binary data which wasn't supported by Mp3tag. The old version removed parts of this information but did not change any of the audio data. The new version now preserves this data.

Could this be similarly fixed in fb2k? (I realize this is a minor cosmetic issue, and in no way affects the audio data of the files.)

ReplayGain scan of iTunes AAC removes "VBR" from "Bit R

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Just wanted to note that this issue is still present in fb2k 1.3.2.

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