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Topic: Radio - (new radio based on youtube) (Read 3702 times) previous topic - next topic
0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Radio - (new radio based on youtube) radio is now based on youtube videos(available for all users), which can be played in foobar with foo_youtube plugin> foo_youtube .

I tested this plugin with video link from, when you copy link from 'flash player' and paste this in playlist, foobar can play sound of that video, with 'foo_youtube plugin'.

Idea is to make WSH script(with button), that contains search box window, where you can type desired artist(genre tag or user playlist?).
Script then open url on page(and start radio for short, and shut down after several seconds). In that way you recieve link from '' html page in format> 'madonna - frozen'(available in html).
Which would be used as a suggestion, to open that video on youtube site.
Then script search for video: 'madonna - frozen' on youtube, recieve link from html page for first video it finds, and send that video in foobar playlist.
Foobar open video and play.
After 3min playing video, script open url again, and trigger new video link(i test this, you always recieve different video, on every call).

*This also can be used to trigger 3-5 videos in same time, which would be better than one..
Your playlists will be filled with new videos, every 3 minutes. It depend's how many videos you want(in same time). This 'minutes' and ''number of videos to open'' should be configurable in properties..

Good thing with this metod is that you will recieve video with exact names: 'madonna - frozen' , and with 'foo_youtube' plugin you'll always have- 'biography artist photos' and 'bio text'. (because 'foo_youtube' plugin also use that format to write info in tags: %artist% - %title%). doesn't always have videos in that format, so this metod is better(than only use

This is how script should work, i'v investigate all html resource for this metod, and it's very easy to do, and possible.
(There's no need that radio remain open in browser or anything else, and that is good).

Does any of the developers are interested to make this? Radio - (new radio based on youtube)

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very interested!!!!