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Should I rip to single-file images or as separate tracks?

Hello, I need some advice as regards the image vs single tracks dilemma. I'm currently ripping my collection with EAC into single tracks and then I use CUETools to convert them to flac. However, lately I've been thinking images could be better for hard disck storage. Since I store and play music in the same drive and I'm interested in doing the best for my hard drive, is there any good reason to chose between single tracks or image?


Should I rip to single-file images or as separate tracks?

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I actually switched to single tracks now. To be honest, about the only advantage I see in single image is "having everything in one file". You won't lose any functionality I am aware of by going with single tracks, but single tracks are easier to handle if you want to just copy some tracks of the album to a portable player, etc. You also get increased compatibility, since not many players support images with embedded cue.

The size differences don't really have a large impact unless you attach cover images at humongous resolutions.

Just an example:
- a 19 track album with separate tracks takes up 476MB (each track has a 140kb, 500x500 cover attached)
- same album as single image takes up 473MB (the same cover is only using 140kb)

That's only a 3MB difference. You can save this space by not embedding the image into each track and leave it in the album folder, then the files will be almost the same size (you save some bytes on headers, but lose some on the embedded .cuesheet).

All in all, I moved over to separate tracks and am not regretting it.

Should I rip to single-file images or as separate tracks?

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ChronoSphere, thanks for your advise, I'll stay with separate tracks if that as you say makes no difference for my drive. Thanks again!